Brush and Clean

        A brilliant tutorial on Dental care is fabulously presented through a 3D animation video to amuse our little ones. The right way to brush, rinse and clean is taught in the most exciting way to kids.

        This educational 3D animation video makes use of a Super-Hero mission to complete the brushing task and it becomes way more interesting afterwards. Dad and mom dress themselves and kids up as superheroes and everything gets rather gaily!

        Ignite a spark of interest about self-cleaning and caring among the little ones right from the onset through such engaging mediums!

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Heyyy good morng babies 

Come wake up lets brush our teeth

Hoo good morng parents

We dont want to brush our teeth

Come lets play a game

Lets attack sugar bugs stick on our teeth


Go hold your brushes

Here tooth paste lets kill all sugar bugs

yes we are on the mission

To kill all sugar bugs in our mouth

Yes lets start the mission

Ready 1 2 3 4start

Place the brush on outer gumline

Now move your brush back and forth

Now place it on inner gumline

Now move your brush in a circular motion 


Now lets brush the chewing surface

Brush brush backward and forward 

Now lets clean our facing tooth

Top and bottom back and forth 


Now its time for rinsing rinsing

Take water swish it spit it out 

Now lets gently bush our toung

Gently brush it rinse it well

 Now no place for sugar bugs

Get out sugar bugs our mission is complete

Lyrics copyright: Billion Surprise Toys (Artist) 

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