Good Manners Song

       It is manners which can calm ruffled feather and define the rules of a civilized society which should trained from childhood itself. This video promotes kids to follow healthy good habits. Also, informs them the consequences if they don’t.
         Little Johny and Chiya are waking up in the morning, taking bath, brushing teeth and having healthy breakfast, becoming good boys. Little Dolly is missing today. Where is she? Let’s what happened to her.
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Good morng babies good morning dad and mom

Teach us something new

Lets learn some good manners

Okk mommy ok daddy


Brushing teeth twice daily

Its a good habbit babies

Oh yes daddy oh yes daddy

I will brush my teeth

Bathing is must

Twice a day makes you clean

I wanna be clean mommy

Come lets bath

Wash your hands wash your hands

Before and after food

Ohh yes daddy ohh yes daddy

I will wash my hands

 Eating healthy foods

Makes you strong

We will eat healthy foods

Good baby good babies

 Use a tissue use a tissue

Whenever you sneeze

Okk mommy sorry mommy

Its ok johny

 Sharing is the way of caring

Its a good habit baby

Ohh yes mommy 

I will share my things

Lyrics copyright: Billion Surprise Toys (Artist)

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