Rat and Lion

        Moral Stories for kids have always been instrumental in shaping up the ethical value system for kids. This brilliant video for kids has the goodness of both Moral story and the animated narration in 3D which makes it so real for their eyes!

        Johny’s grandparents have chosen the heartwarming story of ‘Rat and Lion’ this time as the bedtime tale. To inspire the creativity of kids, we are taking them to the 3D jungle where ferocious tiger and little rat wander around.

        See their amazing tale in the most engaging way with your little ones! Lessons thus learned will linger for a long time in the little brains! Let today’s lesson be about compassion!

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Hey grandpa hey grandma its time for bed time story 

Yes children grand children its time for bed time story

Come children grand children lets learn rat and lion story

Yes grandma yes grandpa lets learn rat and lion story 

 A lion was sleeping in a forest

There came a rat running around

It ran over the lion thinking it was a rock

The lion siezed the rat in his strong paw 

The rat was frightened and pleaded for his life

The generous lion let him off

The rat was promised to help the lion if needed

The lion laughed How could a tiny mouse help him?

A few days later rat was passing through the jungle

He saw the lion was trapped in a hunter's net

He set to work gnawing at the rope

Very soon tiny mouse had ser the lion free 

Ohh dear children granchildren what lesson u hv learned tell us now

Everything has its own value

Should always help the needy

Mercy never goes unrewarded good good very good

Lyrics copyright: Billion Surprise Toys (Artist)

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