How to make the tub-time happy and safe for toddlers

        A bath can be as soothing and calming to the baby too, as they seem to us at the end of a hectic day! So, why not letting them make the most out of their baths? So many concerns crop up as we talk about how frequently we need to bath babies. They definitely do not need a hair wash on everyday unless they get too dirty on digging the mud! This frequency should be addressed by your doctor but maybe we have other tips to help you with! Make sure you follow the quick steps we have narrowed down for you for a safe and happy toddler bath time:

 1.Quick check to avoid accidents

        Look for slippery floors and sharp edges in the washroom before taking the kid inside. Cover the edges and faucets with soft shields to prevent baby getting hurt. 

 2.Ideal temperature of bath water

        37°C to 38°C is the recommended warmth of water for toddlers to bath in. Make sure that the warmth is not too hot or too cold for the baby.

 3.Assemble the necessary things in close proximity

        Make sure that the clean bath towel, clothes, moisturizers and lotions are in one-hand distance. Baby will be needing them right after the bath and you don’t want your little one to freeze even for a second.

 4.Baby cleansers instead of soaps

        The soaps will dry out the baby skin. The best alternative is a pH neutral baby cleanser. The soft on skin lotions and moisturizers which are baby-friendly can be applied right after the bath to prevent drying of baby skin.

 5.Go from head to toe

        Along with taking care to avoid soap getting into their eyes, the gentle rubs should follow a top to bottom direction. The massages can be done in the same way as well using the baby oils and cleansers.

 6.Up the fun factor

        Make sure that you fill the tub with enough toy floats, bathing salt or a toy partner to excite the bath time for the tots. Preschoolers can be enticed with waterproof books and little siblings too

 7.Never leave the baby alone

        There are all chances to get a doorbell or phone call while we bath the tots but never leave the baby alone in the washroom. There are too many fears associated with the bath and we don’t want to make it worse for the toddler. 

 8.Make baby comfortable with the water

        Make sure that the baby doesn’t watch much of gushing water filling in, as that can scare them. Many tots have expressed a fear of drowning with water as we unplug the bath drain. It is advised not to fill in or release water in the baby’s presence.

 9.Pat our baby instead of drying them with towel rubs

        Instead of wiping the drops off, we need to pat the baby skin gently so as to absorb the water completely. This should be done quickly but again, we have to be soft on their skin.

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Fun mom’s phrases for communication

        You want to appreciate your kids - but do not want to overdo it to spoil them; You want to discipline them - But you don’t want to hurt him or belittle him!! How often do you find yourself drifting between these two situations? We have narrowed down some appropriate communicative ideas to help you at different junctures:

  1. “Don't sweat the small stuff! I found it hard to master when I was a kid like you, you will get better at it”
  2. “I've given it some more thought, and I am going to say no. This is not good for your health”
  3. “We need to sleep; Your body needs some rest so you can grow strong and healthy”
  4. “What you did was very generous; We should always help the needy”
  5. “You just showed what it means to be a creative kid! That’s such a beautiful painting”
  6. “You're great with paints; You will make a great artist someday!”
  7. “Don't give up; You are stronger than this!”
  8. “If you can’t tidy up the mess you created, you won't be able to find them the next day, when you want to play with your toys”
  9. “Seems like you had a wonderful day; Tell me more about it!”
  10. “Which book would you like me to read to you today?”
  11. “I would like to give your sister a turn please, give that toy for a while”
  12. “How can I help you to do your homework? Or do you want to do it in your own way”
  13. “It's nearly time to go, start saying bye to everyone”
  14. “I love you, but at the same time I don’t want you to hurt your friends. Be a good kid and share your toys with them”
  15. “What do you think you could do to help your brother feel better about the fight you two had?”
  16. “I can see that you’re trying hard, you are almost there!”
  17. “You were a real help today, thanks for making my day easy”

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Pre-schooler Discipline

        Before you wonder how far can a pre-schooler’s temper tantrum bothers anyone, let’s address some common challenges every parent face in bringing up their little ones. From the primitive impulses like biting, hitting, whining or lying to the over-the-board behaviours like running in the streets, acting out in a play-date, or throwing the eatables away, the ‘acting-out’ intensity can vary. 
        Care should be taken to observe the pattern of their tantrums. These can just be the shades of “building their esteem and individuality”. But in the worst-case scenario, these can signal Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorders, Autism, etc. which should be addressed with the right kind of therapies and treatments. 
        Our little ones might be trying their best to please us by following the tiny rules we’ve set for them. But sometimes it can be hard for them to understand the ‘adult-logic’ and discriminate right from wrong. We don’t want to use the “trial and error” method on our poppet, you don’t want to yell at them either; So here are some Pro-tips suggested by parenting experts, oriented towards “loving without spoiling”:

1.Reward good gestures 

        Permissive parenting has its own flaws but appreciative measures go the extra mile in improving the behaviours than the corrective punishments. Every time you see the kid making an active effort towards correcting a particular habit, appreciate notes and incentives will help them feel good about themselves. Try preparing a ‘behavioural chart’ and stick star stickers every time they make a commendable leap in habit formation and correction. And even as you gift them for good deeds, replace ice creams and toys with books and learning materials. This should instil an interest to learn new things! 

2.Replace yelling with official reprimanding 

        Yelling at them belittles the kid. This will affect their sense of self-worth. Instead of tagging them as a bad-kid, and forgetting the rest, try making your intentions clear. Let the kid be sure about the outcomes that may follow on doing a particular action. Share the ideas on empathy with them. Instead of saying “No” and “Don’t” explain why you are sticking to them. Yelling and punishing send mixed signals to them, so try gentle disapprovals and explanations. 

3.Like for instance, if you want them to stop hitting you, try saying 

        “Don’t hit me, hitting hurts severely. So, I don’t want you to hit anybody” instead of yelling stop a hundred times. Keep it short and sweet when you explain why you don't want them to behave in a certain way. This goes for appreciations as well - instead of saying “you are the best kid in this whole World” and settling a competition in his mind, try being precise - “I appreciate what you just did - that’s what every good child would do, keep up the good work”.

4.Be a good role-model 

        To be precise, Practice what you preach! Be aware that you are being constantly observed and you can’t break the rule you advised your kid to abide. On breaching the rules, make sure that you call them near and explain what circumstances made you do so. 
Don’t vent your negative emotions in front of him. They might process it in another way and can affect every other decision-making point in their life. Be careful with the words you choose to speak in front of them, as well.

        The consistency of your reaction to their tantrum is another important thing. Make sure you carry over the same disciplinary actions from last week, if they are on repeating mode. 

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5 tricks every mom should know to undo picky-eating in kids!

        Are you done and dusted trying your best, to get your little one to have healthy food on a daily-basis? How about “snack”-ing the veggies and essential ingredients with the right pop of colors to fetch their attention? Maybe you should try these 5 tricks before you give up the battle! Make their food super-flavorsome with these tips, bring back the harmony back to your dining-table! 

1. Presentation matters

                 Master a few food-styling tricks to get this going. Put a tad bit effort to make an animal face out of the sandwiches and cut-fruit platters. Experiment with the mashed, spread and sliced textures of veggies and fruits and make it appealing for the kid! Choose a blend of two colorful fruits for smoothies, a pretty topping on the meals and a vibrant dessert. This will make it hard for him/her to say no!

2. Get them involved

                    Let them play a little with the dough, smash some fruits with their tiny fingers! No, we are not advising to let them go near knives or oven. But they can play a little with the mixing and presentation part. They are more likely to eat that dish, after having helped you to cook it for them! As you cook, try communicating the benefits of each ingredient in a non-preachy manner to increase their excitement.

3. Find healthy alternatives

               Junk food can be replaced by changing the ingredients a bit! You can start on this by working on the pizza! They say 9 out of the 10 kids tend to pick pizza over everything else! So here is the trick – Pizza crust, the sauce, and cheese can all be replaced with healthy substitutes! The delicious carrot muffin, the yummy banana pancake can all replace the gluttons. 

4. Maintain a small vegetable garden

              What could be more gratifying than seeing your little ones helping a hand in plucking the fresh crispy veggies from the garden and have them eaten later in the dinner table? Yes, the vegetable garden in your backyard can really get your kid to eat the veggies! He will be amazed all the time about the fruits and vegetables he collected so that he will end up eating them, anyway!

5. Add the right pop of colors

              Go for Natural food colorings if vibrant fruits are not enough! This can stimulate their appetite in no time! Beets, turmeric, carrots are all great sources of healthy colors. The fruit packed desserts and puddings can be made way more attractive by color coordinating them a bit! Make them fall for the in-house irresistible rainbow platters! 

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10 ways to be a Happier Mother

         Motherhood is regarded as the purest manifestation of unconditional love! The notion of Motherhood undergoes constant updations everyday. But neither do the Moms of the      Millennium wait for validations from society nor do they slow down their careers. Working moms and Home-bound moms are all finding their way to enjoy Motherhood to the fullest. 
        They say, there is nothing as contenting as holding the bundle of your joy close to your chest. You can literally spend all your life swooning into their wiggles and cuddling your charmer. Having said that, we cannot ignore the colossal change the toddler has brought to our lives! It goes without saying that the Motherhood calls for many hardships and sacrifices. It’s okay to pause for a moment to address the change and think about the ways to make your life more blissful after birthing a child.
       Here are a few suggestions to help you out with the chaos and blocks which might weigh you down. Read through the tiny steps, consider following them - five or six at a time and observe the gradual change for yourself!

 1.Balance your career with the Motherhood 

        It's totally your call to stay homebound with the baby or to get back to work once after the toddler gets comfortable in other hands. For the ambitious woman you are, here is a gentle reminder that no maternity leave is long enough to stop your career. You can get back to the designation you enjoyed all this while, as if nothing new happened. Of course, we need to be careful as anything while hiring or finding the “right” person back at home to take care of your baby. That’s when our blood bounds or a dedicated babysitter come to the rescue! Pause often to scroll through the live updates of the toddler they send you, even as you indulge in your job. That’s how it awesomely turns out to work together for you, mothers say!

 2.Form Mother Squads.

        Connect with other mothers who have their own figured-out ways to foster a child and their life together. Consider laughing your worries and chaos with them. Because who can relate better to sleepless nights, healing body and other hardships you must be going through. It might lighten things up a little bit. Moreover, you can get quick fixes to your problems as you converse to other moms as there are chances that they had gone through the same confusion.

 3.Address the change and work on it.

        You can roll back to the dynamics you were comfortable in, if you can organise the routine and then act strategically on the new routine. Analyse where your time spills for longer slots and work on the plans to shorten it. This will help us to avoid repetitive tasks, which can be cut short if organized well. Manage your time efficiently and make a timetable to prioritize tasks, You can thus make time for yourself without compromising the time dedicated for the baby.

 4.Give undivided attention to your health, too.

        Abide by your Doctor’s advice completely and do not compromise your medication and exercises for anyone or anything. Feeding mothers have to be super-healthy to nurture the baby with adequate amounts of essential nutrients, vitamins and proteins. Understand how these two processes function together and how important it is for the child, for you to be healthy too! Nothing can stop a sound body from achieving everything they wish to grab from life. Stay hydrated and healthy!

 5. Sustain the family dynamics

        Take advantage of every family member who loves to hold the baby and spend time with the child. This is when you can rebound with every single friends and relatives who visit you. Won’t it be unjustifiable if baby takes up all your time and nobody in your family gets to spend time with you? Act up before they end up hurt, longing for everything to roll back.

 6. Go on a dinner/movie date with your partner

        It is important to stay connected with your husband even as you enjoy the Motherhood. Try to revive the Romance and give your love life another exciting turn at this juncture. You want nobody to tell you about how to manifest your love for the partner, but a date can be the right gesture for  your unparalleled love for him. We don't doubt the support and love from your partner’s side here, we are just trying to double the reciprocation factor!

 7.Filter out the unhealthy and never ending advice-podcasts

        Tired of misinformed and unwanted advice from your kiths and kins? However genuine their intentions are, sometimes this advice can be very overwhelming. They can push you into the constant tendency of doubting yourself about doing things right for the baby. Gently raise your concerns if they have no plans to stop nagging you for it’s totally cool to remind the advisor about the inappropriate boundaries. You can seek the help of doctors and dieticians for validations and helps though! At the same time, some of them are very sensible. When you resonate well enough, take in the encouraging anecdotes put forth by them!

 8. Bask in your old and new hobbies

        Consciously make time for art and hobbies in your life. The Music, Painting, Reading, Dance forms, Vlogs, Blogs, Journaling, Curating, and whatnot! - everything artsy deserves a try. Try a hand in everything you always wanted to do, during this period. Go to evening readings, book clubs and meet and greet events in the town! If that's not feasible, listen to audiobooks!

 9. Revitalize your friendships

        Who else can give you reality checks to keep you grounded! Friends are the only entities in our lives who are vested with the right to call out your stupid decisions and say it right on your face without hurting you. Catch up over a coffee and make time to go for gaily strolls and town strolls with your “mains” quite often. Reconnect with your old friends and make sure that not a tad bit of warmth has been lost. Also, make sure you say yes and make most of the day, if they offer to babysit for one day!

 10. Reach out for help

        It's very humane and normal to have confused opinions about making a decision. The identity crisis among new moms is very common and is nothing to be scared to feel disillusioned for a while. Be very assured that you are beautiful the way you are if you are worried about the changes that have happened to your body. You have fitness regimes and healthy diets to win that back, if you are valuing body image to great extents. Go easy on yourself when you feel stuck. But rather than waiting for it to pass, reach out to your friends, family or organizations. 
       Before we conclude, let us gently remind you, in case people around you forgot to tell you, that you sure are a superhero without a cape, for you pulled the pregnancy and childbirth off like a pro!! Enjoy Motherhood to the fullest! Check out this space for similar articles! 

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