Indoor Playground Cartoon

        So, what if you could not take the kid to the park or movie you promised because of other unavoidable commitments? You can always play this amazing Indoor playground video to gift your wee one, a great time!

        Little Johny and friends will take your little one on a ride through their indoor playground with the Triple Wave Slide, Wall climb, Trampoline, Ball Canons, Spiral tunnels etc, all while swaying to the indoor playground song.

        Watch it for yourself to see the riot of colors and excellent 3D animation ideas which have gone into this video!

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Come kids lets have a lot of fun

We can slide we can bounce we can swing we can have a lot of fun

Come kids lets have a lot of fun

Hey mom i found a slide here

Come johny just slide and come

Come dad n mom lets together slide

 Hey mom i found a bouncer here

Hey dolly you just bounce and have fun

Come dad n mom lets together bounce

Hey daddy am afraid to climb

Ohh dear i will hold your hands

Thank you daddy u r my super hero


Hey chiya come lets have a ride

Lets see whos gonna win the ride

Come friends  lets have a lot of fun

Hey mom i m gonna climb over there

Yes hentry you can climb over there

Come friends lets have a lot of fun

Lyrics copyright: Billion Surprise Toys (Artist)

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