Mommy Pretends Paediatrician

For us, there is nothing more important than our kid’s health. Sometimes our little ones can be hesitant towards taking pills and healthy foods along with limiting certain activities when they are sick and it's miserable for us to watch. Such tots can easily relate with our cute little Dolly in this adorable 3D animation video!

Little Dolly is taken to the hospital and given little but important advice. Educate your kids with tiny little steps. Swallowing the pills is a frustrating task for both the kid and the parent. The fluid intakes and avoiding certain activities during monsoon etc. can all be hard on the kids but we have to push them for it.

This song is the perfect choice to push the toddlers towards healthy habits. Make sure your munchkin sings along to this rhythmic song and imbibe the right habits as he enjoys the health care video!!

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Hey what happend baby
I'm having fever daddy
Ohh let me look baby
Yes you can look daddy

Hello good morng doctor
How are you baby
Not well she is having fever
Well we will take a look

How long are you not well
Since yesterday doctor
Please sit here
Let me take your temperature
Ok sure i will do like that
Good babyyy....

Ohh you are having a
High temperature..
Ohh dear doctor
What should i do now?

Take these medicines properly
You will be ok in 4 days
Take bed rest
Ok sure i will do like that

Drink lot of fluids
It make ur body stronger
Dont play in the rain
It make ur body very weak

Ok sure i will do like that
I will surly eat my medicines
I will drink a lot of fluids
I will never play in the rain

Lyrics copyright: Billion Surprise Toys (Artist) 

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