Monkeys' fun play date!

Baby Monkey and his father went to the indoor park to explore more fun rides. But the day turned out to be funnier with Father Monkey's foolish acts. He is a good father who makes sure his son gets all the opportunities to explore every ride, but everywhere, the dad creates a comic situation, and it ends up in a funny way. 

 Billion Surprise Toys creates adorable stories.

Title: Monkeys Fun Indoor rides 

Babies: Yeah-he, wohoo! 

Baby Monkey: Wow

: I too wanna play 

Dad Monkey: Wait 

: I'll make it alright 

: Yes! Idea! 

Baby Monkey: Oh Daddy

: I'm ready

: Ya, wohoo! 

: it's cool 

Baby Monkey: Oh! It's really huge

: It looks scary 

Fox: silly guy 

Baby Monkey: Oh no, no, no, ahh..stop stop..! 

: I can't do this 

Baby Monkey: It's so dark here 

: I can't see anything 

Dad Monkey: Hey stop 

: Get down from this 

:'s not moving 

Baby Monkey: Daddy..I want that teddy

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