The new little furry friend!

The scientist Monkey's Pet is lost! He is Mr. Bob, the tiny little lab tester of Mr. Scientist Monkey. The little furry Bob walks around the park and enjoys the new sights with fun and excitement. On the other hand, he is an overeater and troublemaker. He creates fun by eating the whole carrots of the Bunny and acorns of the squirrel. Finally, Bob falls into the kids' backyard, and they adorably take care of him and get him back his home. Watch how the kids get the little friend to his home. 

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Title: kids got a new little friend

Monkey: Ha..he woke up 
: He must be hungry...
Oh wait! : Don't be sad..I'll bring you more 
: Uff..again 
Monkey: Where is bob? 
: Oh no, he is missing 
Bunny: wow....Such a pleasant 
: Whistling...hihihi 
Bunny: carrots 
: Somebody stole my food 
Squirrel: Huh...I'm really tired
: Let me drink something 
Squirrel: food
: Who took my food? 
: Huh, what's that?

Dolly: What happened Johny? 
Johny: Look...
: All my food is missing 
Dolly: Mine is also missing 
Baby: Um...I know who did this..come 
: Let's find him 
Mommy: Huh? Where is all the muffins? 
Mommy (voice-over): Hey kids come here 
Dolly: Oh..Mommy calling ..
let's go 
Mommy: Don't lie, Who took all these muffins? 
D&J : We didn't...Um..Baby 
Baby: Uh...Mommy...I got a new tiny friend 
: I think he ate it 
: he is missing 
: We are searching for him 
Mommy: Okay, then go and find him 
: Otherwise he will make more mess 
Baby: Ohh..there he is.. 
: he is sleeping 
Dolly: Aw..he looks so cute 
Johny: Yes..he is so tiny and fluffy 
Baby: Mommy.. we found him, can I keep him with us 
Mommy: Aw...little baby..look at him..he is very tired 
: he doesn't belong to us..
: Get him back to his home 
Babies: Okay Mommy 


The little furry friend is playing at the park 
Jumps up so high and bounces all around 
Climbs up the lamp and watches all the things 
and the little furry friend is happy at the park 

The little furry friend is enjoying all the rides 
Jumps up so high and swings all the way
He climbs on the rides and bounces to the slide
and the little furry friend is happy at the park 


Bingo lost his food this time 
food this time, food this time 
Babies reach to look for him 
But the little friend is missing 

He ate all the cookies now 
cookies now, cookies now 
They are looking for him now 
and searching all around 

Fox: Don't let him win 
Bear: Come let's go 
Humpty: ya 
Bunny: Stop there 
Squirrel: Catch him 
Baby: Huh! What's that sound? 
: It's from here? Baby: Aww! 
Who are you, little buddy? 
: Are you lost?
: Don't worry..I'm here
: Huh, You want noodles? 
: Ohh...such a big tummy 
: Come with me...I'll give you more food 
Baby: a good boy. don't make noise 
: Wait, I will be back 
Dolly: Hey kids, Mommy is here 
: Huh.. my cookies?..ahhhhhh..... 
Baby: What happened, why are you screaming? 
Dolly: somebody stole my cookies, 
I want my cookies back 
Baby: Ha..where is he? 
Dolly: Who is he? 
Johny: breakfast is missing 

Dolly: Baby...where did you get him from ? 
Baby: That swing side 
Dolly: Then come..let's search there 
: May be his family will be there 
Monkey: Hey bob..How should I find you? 
Baby: Dolly, Let's go there 
Johny: Huh..I am really tired 
: I don't think we can find his home
: Ha.what's that? 
:'s a poster 
Johny: Um...this looks like him..ahhh... 
:'s him..his name is bob? 
: Hey guys.. 
Johny: Look at this 
: He is Mr. Monkey's pet 
Baby: Oh...we found your home..let's go there 
Baby: Hey Mr.Scientist 
: We found your bob 
Monkey: Oh he with you? 
Kids: Yes he is 
Monkey: Aw my little bob 
: I think I lost you 
: I am happy you're back 
Monkey: Aww..He is so sleepy 
: Hihih.. : Now he only wake up when he's hungry 


Hey little ant just stop 
Look at this tiny friend 
Is he belongs to your fam 
No, he is not 

Hey dear Momma Bird 
Look at this tiny friend 
Is he belongs to your fam 
No, he is not 

Hey dear little mouse
Look at this tiny friend 
Is he belongs to your fam 
No, he is not 

Hey little shelly snail
Look at this tiny friend 
Is he belongs to your fam 
No, he is not 


Here he runs so fast jump 
and bounce so high 
They are chasing now 
He is going really fast 
The Bunny saw the chase 
He looks what's going on 
and the Monkey says he is the thief 

They're moving really fast 
The squirrel now comes their way 
to find who stole his food 
He came so fast to catch the thief 
but the little one jumps away

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