Family Police Pretend Play

Daddy and Mommy cheer up the babies to play a funny game at home that everyone can have fun with. They plan to play a Police vs. thief pretend play together. Johny and Daddy become thieves. They steal piggy banks and disturb everyone. Dolly and Baby ask Mommy for help, and they switch to police officers and catch the thieves. 

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Title: Police vs Thief, Family pretend play 

Baby: Um..your piggy tummy is almost full 
Johny: Hahaa...Now the piggy bank is ours 
Baby: Huh! 
Mommy... : Somebody stole my piggy bank 
Dolly: cookies!! 
: Where is it? Oh whole cookies are missing 
Johny: Daddy..they're looking for us 
Daddy: Then it's time to hide 
Dolly& Baby: Mommy..Mommy
: There is a thief here 
Mommy: What? What happened? 
Baby: I filled coins in my piggy bank.. now it's missing 
Dolly: I kept my cookie jar on the toy table.
: Somebody stole that too 
Dolly & Baby: We need to find them Mommy 
Mother: Oh then, Here we go
: I am ready for it 
Mother: Ha..we are a team now 
: Come let's find them 
Baby: Tada..we found you 
Dolly: you naughty thieves 
Mother: You cannot escape this time 
Dolly: Mom...look..they broke my castle 
Baby: Mommy, Mommy, they stole my food too 
Mommy: Haha...Now don't try to escape 
: we got you 
Baby: Hihi..we're going now 
: You guys have fun here bye bye... 


The thieves are here to steal all things 
steal all things, steal all things 
It's time to hide and watch all things 
They saw a piggy bank 

Dolly plays with the cookie jar 
cookie jar cookie jar 
She runs away to get her toys 
But the thieves came here too 

The police team is searching now 
searching now, searching now 
The thieves took away all the things 
They got a new hint 

Then they saw a coin there 
a coin there, a coin there 
When they look around so far 
They saw the thieves now 


Thieves then plan to make a move 
make a move, make a move 
like to make a fun this time 
They call their pet, Bingo 

Bingo came to play with them 
play with them, play with them 
They threw a ball so far this time 
He runs to take it now 

Thieves now came to take the food 
take the food, take the food 
want to steal his food this time 
They hide behind him 

Baby now falls for their tricks 
for their tricks, for their tricks 
The thieves took away all his food 
He starts to cry now 

Baby:'s so sunny today 
: Let me play with my airplane toy 
Baby: Fly high my buddy 
Baby: So cool...Woohoo 
Voice over( Mother): Hey baby...come...your juice is ready 
Baby: Yes Mommy...I am coming 
Baby: you stay here..I will be back 
Johny: Huh..He is gone Daddy: You want that toy? 
Johny: yes yes 
Daddy: let's have some fun today 
Johny: Wow Daddy...its flying high... 
Johny: Give to me..give it to me 
Baby: Mommy...I am going to play with my airplane toy now 
Johny: Oh no...Baby is coming 
Johny: Argh...why isn't it working? 
Johny: Oh no...Daddy...I think it's broken 
Daddy (voice- over: come..let's escape from here 
Baby: toy?! : Where is it?? 
Baby: Mommy.... Mommy: Baby..what happened? 
Dolly: Why are you crying?
Baby: My airplane toy is missing 
: I was playing with it... : I want my toy back 
Mommy: Oh that's it..don't worry baby 
Dolly: we go!!! 
Mommy: Let's find the thieves now 
Baby: Um..where is my toy?
: Huh! What's there?
: Let me check 
Baby: toy...yay..I got my toy 
Johny: Daddy...we need to get outside
: But how??? 
Daddy: Hey..look..
: We have to take that key 
Baby: Hihih...I got my toy..hum..
: You guys stay here... 
Father: Huh! Idea 
: Hey Bingo..come here 
Father: Bingo...look there..get thak keys to me 
Johny: Your favorite cookie...!!
: Get the key and take this..hihi 
Johny: Fast fast..get the key now 
Dolly&Baby: What happened? 
Mommy: Look..they are missing 
Dolly: Wait..tada 
Mommy: Come let's find them 
Dolly: Oh..Daddy...I found you...found you 
Mommy: Huh...what's this? 
: Hm...I am coming..hihi 
Mommy: Johny...I got you..come with me now...hihi 
Johny: Huh! Mommy: Hey like the play? 
Babies: Yes yes 
Baby: It was so fun...hihi 


Bingo heard a sound from there 
a sound from there, a sound from there 
He runs to see who's hiding there 
and saw the thieves out there 

Dolly saw that Bingo plays 
bingo plays bingo plays 
She then calls out everyone 
to find the thieves out there 


They got the key just now 
He opens the door so fast 
They got ready to move outside so fast 
Thieves find a way to go 
The police are on their way 
She saw nobody in the cage 
Oh no

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