Monkey's Funny Island Adventure

The mischievous Monkey finds himself in a hilarious predicament with a group of tribals in a jungle. His accidental arrival on the Island leads to a series of comical mishaps. The enormous Dippy Dino, annoyed by Monkey's antics, tosses him away. To Monkey's surprise, he ends up at a tribal group's dinner table, where they mistake him for the main course in their funny soup dinner!

Billion Surprise Toys creates exciting stories.

 Monkey: Huh! An island! 
: Let me swim fast 
: Hey you 
: Go away, you naughty crab 

Monkey : Momma...Momma
: Too much noise, go inside 
: It's done 
: Oh..oh no 

Monkey: Um...nice smell
: Yummy food
: my hand 
 : Are they tribals? 
Baby: Catch him now 
Monkey: Oh 
Baby: It's so good

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