Dashing Yellow Car Chaos

Kicking out his old buddy, Mr. Bunny, from the car, his friend Monkey Mad created chaos around the park! It all started when a beautiful girl monkey asked for a ride. Monkey tried every way to impress her but finally ended up hilariously as his bunny friend executed a playful revenge. Watch and laugh aloud! 

Billion Surprise Toys creates fun stories.

Bunny: Wohooo 
: Nice ride buddy 
Boy Monkey: Wow! 
: Get out
Lady Monkey: Bye bye 

Boy Monkey: For you sweetie 
Lady Monkey: Aw! Darling 
Monkeys: Oh no!! Help! 

Johny: Huh! Who's that? 
Monkey: Stop stop
: Look! Our car is damaged 
Johny: Easy, don't worry 
: It's done 
Monkey: Thanks buddy 
Johny: Bye bye
: Oh no..stop 

Monkey: oh no! Brake is gone
: Hey move..move 
: Move a little right.. 
Male bunny: Stop....! 
Monkey: Move...move away...!

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