Learning with the chef

Are you excited for learning new things? Babies, Johny, Dolly, and Zay are about to start their new cooking class with town's favorite chef, Mr. Micheal. The day begins with the aim to bake yummy muffins and together they made creamy delicious muffins and had full. Mr. Micheal make them learn to cook and share the happiness they had. 

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 This is Mr. Michael, the town's favorite chef. 
 To the kids, he's just Mic and their best cooking instructor 

 Chef song Chef : Dishes are so clean clean clean 
 and we go wee wee wee wee wee 

 Kids: Hello..we're inn 

Dolly: Oops. : Ow! we messed up the floor 

 Johny: We are so sorry, Mic.
 : Just a minute... we're on it.
 : We'll have this cleaned up in a jiffy. 

Dolly: Nice and perfect 
 : We have cleaned everything 

Chef: Great job, my little champs., 
 : You're so quick and spot-on. 

 Chef: Ready to roll?
 : Can we dive into today's little chef class? 

Dolly: Hey Mic, before we start 
 : There's someone waiting outside 

Johny: Meet our little brother, Zay. 

 Dolly: He's super excited to join our cooking class.

 Baby: Yeah, um, well, can I join your team today? 

Chef: Of course. 
: Welcome to our little haven of delicious treats. 
: Come on, let's get ready 

Baby: Oh no. : I can't see anything. 
: Somebody get this off me. 

Chef: (Laughs) : It's a bit big on you. 
 : Take this smaller one, just like you. 

Baby: Ta-daaa!
: The little chef is ready for some fun. 

Johny & Dolly: And we're here to begin! 

Babies: Hey Mic, what are we gonna make today? 

Chef: Sandwich... umm... Pizza... no, no, no. 
: Creamy, buttery muffins! 

Babies: Wow! Muffins. 
Baby: Yummy muffins! 
: I love muffins so much, and my mom too.
: I wanna gift this to her today! 

Chef: Um..that's okay..come..come
: Add some sugar and milk 

Dolly: Hey, baby, take it slow. 

Chef: Wow! Now it's baking time. 
: Come on and have some fun! 


 Let's get ready 
 For a new beginning 
I am excited
to make it fun 

 I want to cook 
more yummy treats 
Come on, it's so fun, 
let's make it done 
and explore the day! 

(Repeat) Dolly: Yeah! Momma's gonna love this. 
: let's make it together. 

Chef: Everything is on the table! 

Chef: Okay, let's start cookin' 

Babies: Hahah! Look at Mic. 
: He's looking really funny 

Chef: Umm..Let's pour the creamy batter 

Babies: Ha! We have to wait for another 30 minutes 

Baby: Umm...I'm so bored. 
Chef: I think it's well baked 

: Hihi...It's time to decorate your confection. 

Johny: Baby, don't do that 
: I'll do the icing 
: Here, you take these sprinkles 

Chef: Oh my little one
: Wait, I can serve this for you 

Johny & Dolly: Um...it's so delicious 
Baby: Oh no! It's all finished 
: I didn't have anything for my Mommy 

Chef: Hey cutie pie
: Don't worry, I have a box for you mother

Baby: Thanks for the day Mic,
: See you again, bye bye 


Do you love to bake muffins? 
to bake muffins to bake muffins 
Do you love to bake muffins? 
Baking is so fun 

Yes we like to bake muffins 
to bake muffins to bake muffins 
Yes we like to bake muffins 
Baking is so fun 

Let's just do the icing now 
icing now, icing now 
Then we do the toppings and 
make a yummy treat 

Now, it's time to have your treat 
have your treat, have your treat 
Yummy muffins baked with love 
Let's eat it together

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