Let's explore a carnival night

Have you ever experienced the joy of a carnival with your family? Johny and his siblings had a blast, their laughter echoing through the carnival grounds. They met larger-than-life characters like the Ice cream man and the Refrigerator, adding a touch of magic to their evening. The carnival was a haven of delights, offering everything from mouthwatering ice creams to cuddly toys. Join in the fun and laughter of this heartwarming family evening! 

Billion Surprise Toys creates adorable stories.

Incident 1 
 Baby: Wow! 
 : This place looks so big
 : Yay! I'm super excited 
Babies: Mom, dad, We'll be having lots of fun today, right? 
Parents: Yes, dears. Go, have fun 
 Ice cream man: Hello, welcome to my ice cream shop. 
 : I am Mr. Ice cream man, kids favorite friend
 : They will come to me when I sing a song 

If you're happy and you know it, come to me (2). 
If you're happy and you know it, Then your tummy says to fill it 
I'll give you yummy ice creams come to me. 

 Baby: Hey Hello, ice cream man. 
 : We heard your song
 : We want yummy ice creams 
 Ice cream man: Why not? 
 : But, before that, you need to play a game with me 
 : it's a simple flavor-choosing game. 
 Johny: Umm... how do we choose the flavors? 
 Ice cream man: I'll give you five balls. 
 : Toss the balls and let them fall the cups. 
 : Inside the cup, you'll find a color card.
 Ice cream man: I'll make you an ice cream of that color. 
 : Are you ready for the game? 
 Babies: Yay yay! Let's do it 

This is the way we play a game,
 play a game, play a game. 
This is the way we play a game 
and choose our ice cream flavor. 

 Ice cream man: Only two balls are left. 
 Johny : Aw! We are three, and we need three flavors. 
 : How is it possible? 
 Baby: Johny, Don't give up, 
 Dolly: You know, you're really the best at such games.
 : You can spin two balls in one go 
 Johny: Um...really? You think so? 
 Baby : Yes, you can.
 Dolly: We trust you. 
 Babies (chorus): Up, up, Johny, 
 :Hurray! He did it. We got three colors. 
 Baby : Hello ice cream man, look, we got three colors. 
 Ice cream man: Oh wow, Great job 
 : Here's your chosen flavors
 : Let's make ice creams 

 Come, let's make an Ice cream treat
 Ice cream treat, Ice cream treat 
You'll get the treat you wish 
On this lovely day 

 Come, let's add the toppings now 
Toppings now, toppings now 
I will make the treat more sweet 
It's a lovely day 

 Baby : Um : Thanks for the treat Mr. Ice cream man 
 : See you around 
Dolly: Aw! My unicorn toy looks so pretty. 
 Johny: Yeah! My superhero dino too. 
 Bear: Umm yummy... I love these sweet gumballs. 
 Baby: Hey, he's eating gumballs. 
 : I think there's a gumball shop nearby.
 : Shall we go there? 
 Dolly: Huh! Gumballs!... I couldn't find it anywhere. 
 Johny: Let's search 
 : it must be around here. 
 Monkey: Hey, come, come
 : Play and win the game to get gumballs 
 Johny: Wow, colorful gumballs. 
 : This is something we must try! 
 : Let's play the game 
 Monkey: Do you wanna play the game? 
 Monkey: Look, the first game is to fill those holes 
 : Using these balls
 : We have another game too. 
 Monkey: Win this strongest high striker game 
 Dolly: I'll do the ball game. 
 Johny: I am very strong. I'll play the high striker game. 
 Baby: Um... okay! 
 : I will watch your games. 
 Monkey: Hihihi... you cannot win this easily. 
 Johny: Now it's my turn. 
 : I will play the striker game. 
 Monkey: You only have three chances 
 : Okay, let's start now 
 Johny: Yeah! I'm gonna win this 
 Monkey: Only two more left 
 Johny : Sorry guys 
 : I think I can't do this 
 Baby: It's okay Johny. I'll try 
 Monkey: You played well, guys 
 : Here's your gifts 

 Now, let's play the game together 
You can surely win this game 
She played the game so well at this time
 It was so happy and fun together 

 Now, let's play the game together 
You can surely win this game 
He played the game so well at this time 
It was so happy and fun together 

 Come, let's play the flavors game flavors game,
 flavors game Come, let's play the flavors game 
and choose your favorite fruit 
 I want yummy juice today sweet and good, 
sweet and good Here's your card, 
just pick one out
 It's time to make your juice 

Incident 3 

 Baby: look! That's a big toy shop.
 : aw I want those fluffy toys
 Dolly: Hello... Is anybody here? 
 Humpty: Hey hai.Welcome to my toy shop 
: Are you here to play the spin and win game? 
 Babies: Yes, yes. 
 Humpty: Okay, come on, let's see how it goes 
 : First Press the buzzer and spin the wheel 
 : And you get a challenge to complete, 
 : If you win the challenge, you'll get amazing surprise toys 
 Kids: let's do it, let's do it 
 Humpty: uh ah ah... before that, give me three coins 
 Johny: Ha, let me check, I think I have two coins 
 Dolly: There is only one with me 
 Baby: So..we got three coins, yay 
 : let's play the game 
 Humpty: okay, Ready, steady, go 
 Baby: Anything, not milk...not milk, not milk 
 Humpty: Your time starts now 
 Humpty: kids, you only have a few minutes left 
 Humpty: Wow! You guys won the game 
 : Here are your surprise egg tokens
 Baby: Aww, I love these toys... 
 Kids: We had a great time buddy.. bye bye 


 Come, let's play, come let's play, 
It's so fun Let's now play the game so well 
You have to win this dare, you got 
and have more fun and joy today 

Incident 4 
 Baby: Hey, guys... 
 : I got hiccups 
 : I want something to drink 

 Narration: Put coins to play with cards and choose delicious flavors 

 Johny: Wow! Interesting 
 : Shall we try this game? 
 Refrigerator: Hey, hello... Want to have tasty juices? 
 : Play and win the game with me 
 Babies: Yay! We wanna play the game
 : Here, take these coins 
 Refrigerator: Hahaha... it's time to begin... 
 Babies: Wow! Look, we got these flavors Refrigerator
: Let's start the preparations 
 Refrigerator: Sweet apple and orange 
 : I'm gonna mix this for you 
 Refrigerator: Next, let's take yummy strawberries and one mango
 Refrigerator: Um...greenish kiwi and sweet bananas now 
 : Tada...it's all ready
 Refrigerator: Blend, blend, blend
 : Your juices are getting ready 
 Refrigerator: Um...now taste the juices I made for you 
 Baby: Mommy, Daddy...we're here
 Dolly: Hey guys..look 
 : Mommy and Daddy are there 

 I want yummy juice today 
sweet and good, sweet and good 
Here's your card,
 just pick one out 
It's time to make your juice 

 Babies got the yummy juice
 yummy juice, yummy juice 
Babies got the yummy juice 
It tastes so sweet and fresh 
 They said, bye bye to him 
before they leave, before they leave 
They got yummy treats that day 
It was so fun and cool

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