Surprise Egg hunt at Indoor Park

Eva, the kids' mentor, surprised them with an exciting egg hunt game. She hid surprise eggs at different corners of the park and gave hint cards to babies. They eagerly waited for their turns to run out for an adventurous game. Inside each surprise egg, there is a picture of rescue vehicles. The babies then pretend to be superheroes and play with their rescue vehicles. Have fun watching the wonderful surprise egg hunt video! 

Billion Surprise Toys creates funny stories.

Johny: Hihihi...1,2,'s so much fun 
 Eva: Hey we're gonna play, 
 : the surprise egg-hunting game 
 Kids: Huh..wait..wait.we're coming 
 Eva: I will give you this hint card 
 : You guys solve the puzzle and find the egg 
 Baby: Um...can I go first? 
 Kids: go 

I'm round and filled with colors, 
You can jump and play inside me Who am I ? 

 Baby: Huh, a round shape filled with colors? 
 Eva: Baby, just look around 
 : You'll definetely find the egg 
 Eva; let's go 

 Song 1 
Baby looks for the surprise egg 
surprise egg surprise egg 
It's not a ride that's round in shape 
He couldn't find this time 

 Baby searching for his egg 
the surprise egg, the surprise egg 
He climbs upon the ladder now 
to look around the park 

 Baby: Oh! It's round in shape 
 : and filled with colors 
 : Of course, we jump and play inside the pit 
 Baby: Yeah! I am gonna get my surprise egg now..woohooo 
 : Let's search here 
 Babies: Hey baby, you got it? 
 Baby: Not yet..not yet..I'm searching
 : Oh! I think I got it 
 : Look, I found it 
 : Huh! It's shaking
 : Let's open and see 
 : Wow! it's a police car 
 : Aw, I like this toy 
 Eva: Uh..ah...the real surprise is here now 
 Baby: Oh wow! 
 : I am a police now 
 : Yay yay! I'm gonna ride the police car 

 Song 2 
 I am a police officer 
 Riding at this park 
Its my duty to keep all things
 safe and sound around 

 Johny: Give my toy 
 Henry: No it's mine 

 Come let's check everyone 
to solve their troubles now
 Its my duty to solve the things 
in a friendly way 

 Dolly: Oh I'm so sorry
 Helena: It's okay..come..let's eat this together 
 Johny: Now it's my turn 
 Eva: Here's the cards 
 Voice-over: I'm not a mountain, 
but I stand so high, Cross the hurdles 
to reach my top. Find me 

 Johny: (panting) : Um...not a mountain..but so high 
 : Stones..the hurdles...crossing this to reach the top 
 : Yay! I found it
 : I'm gonna climb it 

 Eva: Johny...wait wait 
 : Wear your helmets and safety belt first 
 Johny: Uff...oh no.. 
 Eva: Hey's okay..try again..come on 
 Johny: Yes..I will do 
 Johny: Um...the egg?..where is it? 
 : Oh..yeah! I got the egg..I got the egg.. 
 : Uh..oh 
 Eva: Don't worry, It's safe 
 : Your super vehicle is ready to go! 
 Johny: Come on, buddy..let's go 
 Baby: It's so fun..hihihi..
 : We're gonna swing high..woohooo 
 : Huh! Oh bunny....somebody help ( crying) 
 Johny: emergency call
 : Baby needs my help...Here I come 
 Johny: What happened baby?
 : Why are you crying? 
 Baby: My bunny...(crying)...It's stuck. 
 Johny: Oh that's it 
 Johny: Huh..catch 
 : Why isn't it working?..argh.. 
 : Wait..I have a better plan 
 Johny: Yeah! I got your little bunny 
 Baby: cutiepie...I missed you
 : Thank you so much Johny 
 Johny: Thak's okay..take care..bye bye 
 Baby: Bye bye 

 Song 1 
 Hello Mr. Firetruck 
You are my buddy 
I like your wheels 
and big ropes 

 Meet Mr. Firetruck 
You are my buddy 
We make a team 
 that is strong 

 Johny: I know what to do 


I'm a collection of paths, 
My path tricks you to reach the goal Who am I ?

 Helena: Can I come now? 
 Eva: Sure dear..come on 
 : Pick one
 Helena: Uh..what should it be? 
 Eva: Just go
 : You're gonna find it in your way 
 Helena: Okay 
 Helena: Oh,I think I found it
 : this is the one, With full of paths 
 Helena: Yay..look, I got my egg
 : Now..let's open it 
 :'s an ambulance
 : Aw..I like this toy..I like this toy 
 Eva: is your real van 
 Helena: Yeah..I'm gonna ride on it 

 Song 3 

She looks for the surprise egg 
surprise egg, surprise egg 
Searching here and there around 
She couldn't find this time 

 She searches every path inside 
Path inside, path inside 
While she came across the path 
She got her surprise egg 

 Song 4 

I am a little Doctor riding at this park 
It's my duty to make sure 
that everyone is fine 
Come let's check everyone 
and treat them right now 

Baby's teddy is so ill 
The Doctor treats her fast 
 Dolly brings her little doll 
to treat her boo-boo now 
The Doctor treats everything 
in a friendly way 


 The wheels on the bus go round and round
 round and round, round and round 
She is going fast and happy all the way 
But she saw a teddy there 

 Dolly sat her teddy on the seat 
Then ride around, ride around 
She make her friend cross the road 
and thanked her for this act 

 Inflatable toy 

I'm full of air, that makes me squishy 
You can jump up on me and fly high Find me

 Eva (voice-over):'s your turn 
 Dolly: Yes...I'm here 
 Dolly: Um..what is this? 
 Eva: Hey...just think! : You'll definitely find it 
 Baby: Oh, I got it : It's in our home too 
 : We used to jump on it 
 Dolly: Oh yeah...I know that...I'm going 
 Dolly: Filled with air 
 : Jump and bounce..we fly inside 
 : Yes...this is the one 
 : Huh! Where is the egg?um.. 
 : Oh, it might be in the other one 
 Dolly: Oh! There it is... 
 : I got my surprise egg..Yay yay! 
 Eva: Dolly, here's your surprise yellow bus!
 : Are you ready for a fun ride? 
 Dolly: Yes yes... 
 : It's so fun..woohoo..bye 

 The wheels on the bus go round and round 
round and round, round and round 
She is going fast and happy all the way 
But she saw a teddy there 

 Dolly sat her teddy on the seat 
Then ride around, ride around 
She make her friend cross the road
 and thanked her for this act 

 Eva: Wow! Well done guys 
 : Have you had fun today? 
 Kids (Chorus): Yes yes

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