Surprise treehouse for babies

Daddy built a big tree house for the kids. They excitedly got on to it and explored the games, and fun awaited them. Baby Zay played on the swing hanging in the tree house. Bingo also joined them and had a great time together playing and learning. 

 Billion Surprise Toys creates lovely stories.

Daddy builds a new treehouse, 
new treehouse, new treehouse. 
Baby wants to play on top 
and have fun on this day. 

Daddy helps him reach on top, 
reach on top, reach on top. 
Then baby slides with his teddy 
He had a lot of fun 

Baby swings so high, you see, 
side to side , side to side 
Babies called him to come up 
to have a look inside. 

Baby came to the treehouse, 
the treehouse, the treehouse. 
He visits the new treehouse. 
It looks so beautiful. 

Dolly called him for some tea, 
and play with her, play with her 
They love to pretend and play 
It was so sweet and fun. 

Johny called him to his cafe, 
his new cafe, his new cafe. 
Yummy pizzas baked with love. 
They like to pretend play. 

Bingo wants to play with them, 
play with them, play with them. 
Daddy gets him to his friends 
and made him happy now. 

He really loves to see his friends, 
see his friends, see his friends. 
Get inside the new tree house 
Now it's their movie time. 

It was a scary Halloween play. 
He's so scared, he's so scared. 
They really loved the movie time 
and spent some better times. 

Now everybody lays down for, 
a sweet good night, on the tree top 
They had a lot of fun and laughs 
Together on this night.

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