Let's meet a magic fish

Johny, Dolly, and Baby went in search of a magical fish. They reached the magic pond and waited for the queen fish to come. But only Johny had the luck to meet the magic fish and her sparkling castle. 

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Johny (Narration): Hey guys, there is a sweet, bubbly magical fish in this pond 

Johny: Get ready! Let's find him 

: come on 

Dolly: Huh.. no replies?! 

Johny: Hm..it's okay

: Let's find another way 

Baby: Hello, little froggy 

: Did you see the magical fish?

Baby: Oh no! My teddy...It's gone 

: Oh my teddy 

Johny: Baby..don't cry 

: I will get it to you 

Johny: Argh..argh..come on..

: Ouch

Kids: Oh no... 

Johny: Huh? Where am I? 

: What's that? 

: Is that a magical fish? 

Johny: Hey baby...I got your teddy 

Dolly: Huh..look..he's coming! 

Kids: Bye bye 


Where is our magic fish? 
We are waiting for the fish 
Is this our magic fish? 
No, no, this is not the one 

Where is the magic fish?
Did you see her anywhere?
Ha, ha, where is she? 
Toto left with no reply 

They looked around sometime 
But couldn't trace her anywhere 
Then came a naughty crab 
and scared the baby with his legs 

Click clack, the crab is here
moving with his little legs 
Baby ran away from there 
Others felt so funny then 

Johny gets ready to take 
the little teddy baby wants
Sail in the magic pond 
to bring back baby's little toy 

He swims to a big, 
castle sparkling underneath 
Then meets the magic fish, 
and swims to see her little home

Fishie called him for a swim 
to see her lovely home so near 
They swim together now 
Watch the sparkling things around 

He's back, so safe and good 
Babies felt so happy then 
Give the little teddy back 
and said he saw a magic fish

Look, that's a magic fish 
she is lovely and so sweet 
She likes to swim and splash 
and that's our tiny magic fish

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