Baby helps the lost bunny

Baby and Mommy saw a lost bunny at the park. They cared for him, fed him with yummy carrots, and consoled him. But the little bunny wanted to see his parents. Mommy understands this and decides to reach him home. Watch the little happy bunny's day with Baby Zay. 

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Baby: sh sh..Mommy..he misses his family. 


Baby saw a moving bin 
open and shut, open and shut 
Mommy saw a bunny kid 
He was so scared and lost 

Then, Mommy get him out of a bin 
out of a bin, out of a bin 
When he was going back again 
he saw a little friend 

Baby tried to be his friend 
be his friend, be his friend 
He got a yummy carrot now 
and ate it till he was full 

When he saw a Mommy's love 
Mommy's love, Mommy's love 
He missed his family and his friends 
then, the baby cared for him 

Mommy came to ask him, how 
he lost so far away from home 
The bunny told the story, how 
he reached this place today 

One day I went out for a walk
I saw a truck, a carrot truck 
While I was eating carrots, then 
the truck took me away 

I came so far away from home 
away from home, away from home 
I couldn't find my way to home 
I am so sad and scared 

He really wants to see his mom 
see his mom, see his mom 
They decided to reach him home 
and took the bunny kid

Bunny's going to his home 
to his home, to his home 
They reached a jungle, 
where the bunny lives all-day 

Now baby bunny reached his home 
reached his home reached his home 
They hug him tight with so much love 
The bunny is happy now

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