Monkey's fun beach rides

Let's explore the adventurous beach rides with Monkey and his friends. Little troubles make the day funnier. Monkey's paragliding, sunbath, and more funny incidents await you on this summer beach day story! 

Billion Surprise Toys creates fun stories.

Monkey: I'm gonna fly
: Hihi.You don't get me 
: Wow..wohooo 
: Uh-oh
: Oh-no 

 Bunnies: Wohoo...Here we go
 : I'm coming 
Monkey: Wow! 
Bunnies: No no no, look 
Monkey: Never mind
: Oh help 
Bunnies: Never mind 

Bunnies: Come, let's go dive 
Monkey: Argh..hey you 
: Let me go somewhere
Humpty: Ice creams, ice creams 
Bunnies: let's get one 
Monkey: huh, what a peaceful day 

Bunny: Huh! Nice day 
Monkey: Hey you, come, let's fight 
Bunny: Okay then. 
: we are so far 
Monkey: Huh! What's that sound? 
: Oh no... let's go 

Monkey: let's play in the sea 
Baby Bunny: Mom, dad, I want to play 
: Move aside..move

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