The dinosaur jungle

Humpty Dumpty got along with Johny and Dolly. The journey was in a giant hot air balloon to explore the volcano Island. They met different dinosaurs in the jungle and had funny experiences on the expedition. Humpty was so naughty that he finally got into big trouble! 

Billion Surprise Toys creates fun stories.

Babies in the jungle, 
Riding through the woods, 
With a new friend 
on such a lovely day 

On the way, they find 
Where the roars are from 
It's a dino world
with a lot of friends 
They're huge and wild 

It's time to move 
explore the land 
He looks funny 
and really nice 

He met a friend 
She's really big 
That's a Dino Rex 
She roared aloud 
and he ran away 

He gets back to them 
and felt the need 
to have a drink 
and finds a fruit 

He took that one 
tried to break it 
But it was so hard 
He spins around, 
and it was so fun 

She finds something 
hiding in the bush 
She called her friends 
for a surprise 

They saw a cute 
Rainbow Unicorn 
She Jumped so high 
flapped her wings 
She Looks so bright 

They cared for her 
and talked a lot 
Humpty then tried 
to touch her tail 

She got angry 
and kicked him out. 
Humpty flew so high, 
reached somewhere 
that was so fun 

He felt a shake 
on top of it 
He saw a dino 
She was so kind

He said goodbye 
and left the place 
Humpty is back again 
with his friends
 to explore the woods 

They are moving 
to meet new friends 
with happy faces 
and so much love 

The kids were scared 
when a big bear came. 
They ran away 
to save their lives 
from that big trouble 

Humpty got a great 
idea now 
Hide behind the eggs 
for an escape 

The little one came out 
Humpty smiled at her 
She was so cute, 
and really small 
But she cried aloud 

Here comes the next, 
big trouble on the way 
Humpty just ran 
to save his life 

They flew up high 
and left the place 
It was a big adventure 
they had this day 
and had so much fun

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