Winter Adventures

Babies and the frosty snowman explore the wonder of the snow land. They had funny adventures skiing and sliding together. The friend's time is filled with jokes and giggles. They treated the snowman like a beloved friend and cared for him throughout the adventures. 

 Billion Surprise Toys winter stories.

Baby: Umm... I fixed his legs. 

Dolly: Hands are done. 

Baby: Ha! It's finished. 

Johny: It's nice to play out in the snow 

Snowman: Wow! 

Voice-over: It's really beautiful. 

I want to play here.

Babies: Wohooo! Yay yay! Wee wee! 

Johny: Hey, wait! It's really sloppy 

Snowman: Huh! What was that? 

Baby: Hey buddy, come. We are here. Yahooo! 

Baby: Wow...look

: Snowflakes are falling 


Boom Boom Boom,
Let's all make a snowman, 
One that's big and funny, 
Fix him with these snowballs, 
And have so much fun.

Boom Boom Boom, 
The snowman smiles at them, 
Kids love watching his moves, 
Then they put on his gloves, 
And want to play with him. 

Boom Boom Boom, 
Baby calls him for games, 
To have more fun on skates. 
But this time, he can't do it, 
The kids help him now. 

Boom Boom Boom, 
Johny skates down so fast,
He just loves to play this, 
Spinning like a snowball, 
It's a funny play 

Boom Boom Boom, 
The snowman jumps so fast, 
Lost his balance at last, 
He spins around for some time, 
And then falls on it 

Boom Boom Boom, 
Let's all go sliding, 
It's fun and so nice 
Slide down the valley, 
And have so much fun 

Boom Boom Boom 
it's nice to play with snowman 
He is so funny and cool 
We had so much fun and
it was a lovely day

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