Undersea Exploration!

Babies visit the indoor aquarium with their parents and explore the wonders of the sea. They got excited watching the sea animals and began to count them each. Baby Zay finds it attractive to watch them and learn new things.

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Baby: Hey, guys! Come on, let's learn to count numbers.

Here comes the big shark fish. 
It looks so huge and wide, 
Chomping and swimming really fast. 
That's one. 

Look at the dolphin fish, 
Diving and splashing high 
Now there are two big dolphin friends. 
It's two. 

Johny: Wow! Hey, guys, come over! Look there 

Stingrays are passing by. 
They're so flat and nice, 
Playing along with their group. 
That's three. 

Octopuses came in groups, 
Wiggling so fast and good, 
Moving their legs side to side. 
It's four.

Little tort met his fam 
They swim together far,
Baby loves swimming in his group. 
They are five. 

Here come the seahorses, 
Moving slow with it's pair, 
Floating and dancing in a group. 
it's six. 

Look at the running crab, 
Making the click-clack sounds, 
They look so scary to me now. 
That's seven. 

Wait for another one, 
Someone is waiting here. 
Starfishes shining in a group. 
It's eight. 

Look at the sparkling shells, 
Hiding inside the walls , 
There are so many in the sea. 
That's nine. 

Fishes are swimming fast. 
Let's count their numbers now. 
So many colors in the group, 
it's ten! 

It's really fun to count 
and explore the little world. 
Let's be so nice and good with them. 
That's fun 

We've made many friends. 
I love this place so much. 
Come on, Let's dance and play with them. 
It's cool

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