Colorful soft candies for sale!

Fluffy cotton candy balls are served at Chiya's candy store! Baby got tasty cotton candies to enjoy the day, but a mischievous Monkey creates trouble. Baby Zay, however, had a delicious day! 

Billion Surprise Toys creates sweet stories.

Chiya: Hey, guys! Yummy cotton candies!

 : Come, come! 

 Baby: Huh! candies!

 : I want some candies 

 Mommy: Okay, umm... 

 : I'll get them now. 

 Baby: Aw, they're soft as clouds. 

 Mommy: Ugh! Be careful, Baby Zay. 

 Baby: Huh! Where is my candy?! 

 : it's gone... 

 Baby: Oh no no... that's 

 Mommy: Oh, Baby, don't cry. 

 : Look, you can play with this.
 Baby: Huh... no no. 

 : I want my candy. 

 Baby: Yeahhh!! The Candyman is here! 

 Chiya: So many lovely shapes for you! 

 : Which one do you like, baby?
 Baby: Um... so yummy. 

Boom Boom Boom, 
Here are your candies, 
Yummy and fluffy candies, 
Lovely treats for today, 
So come, have them now. 

Boom Boom Boom, 
I can make these for you, 
Soft and sugary candies, 
Get the sweets now from me, 
So come, have them now. 

Boom Boom Boom, 
Tasting candies, cloud-like,
I feel like soaring so high, 
I love my candy so much, 
I am flying high.

Boom Boom Boom, 
Baby lost his candy, 
Someone stole it from him, 
He wants his candy back now, 
He is sad and low. 

Boom Boom Boom, 
I have many candies 
Yummy and fluffy candies,
Lovely treats for today, 
So come, have them now. 

Boom Boom Boom, 
Colorful candies, so nice, 
Lovely shapes made for you, 
He's so happy and bright, 
And he chooses one. 

Boom Boom Boom, 
Baby said to him thank you 
He had yummy candies, 
Everybody now says goodbye, 
It was a lovely day.

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