Fun Snowland Games

Babies had the best time exploring the snowland and playing fun-filled games! They met a new baby bear friend who wanted to join them and create the day's best memories. The fun is never-ending! 

 Billion Surprise Toys creates fun stories.


Snowflakes falling down the land, 
Down the land, down the land 
It's time to play out in the snow 
And meet a new friend 

Everybody has a snowball fight, 
Snowball fights, snowball fights 
They just had a lovely play,
It's so much fun and cool 

Kids then make a big snowman, 
A big snowman, a big snowman 
Make a funny face for him, 
They're smiling all the way 

Everybody went out for the ski, 
For the ski, for the ski. 
Moving down the road so fast, 
But the bear fell down 

Let's all have sliding fun, 
Sliding fun, sliding fun 
They are sliding really fast 
On a snowy ride. 

The skating is so much fun 
So much fun, so much fun 
Baby bear can't move just right, 
He then falls down 

Everybody sat to take some rest, 
take some rest, take some rest 
Dolly got some chocolate drinks 
And made them happy 

Babies saw a snow castle
a snow castle, a snow castle 
Everybody wants to get inside 
It's so warm and cozy

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