Honeybee Attack on Baby Bear

Johny and Dolly went to the woods searching for fresh and yummy honey. They failed after many tries and asked for help from a Baby Bear who came their way. But the poor Baby Bear got in trouble! Watch what Dolly and Johny did! 

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Dolly: Hey Johnny, look 

: There's a honey hive 

Dolly: Oh no, the hive is in too much height

: How do we get this? 

Johnny: Wait a minute. 

: I know what to do 

Johnny: Hey, someone is coming 

Voice-over: Let's ask him for help 

Johnny: Hello buddy, 

: Would you like to have some honey? 

Dolly: Look, a yummy honey hive is there 

: Come, help us to get that 

Bear: Wow! 

Bear: Oh no, please don't hurt me... ahh... 

Bear: Umm, so sweet 

: Thank you so much, guys 


Little bees are flying out, 
flying out, flying out 
Little bees are flying out,
It's time to gather food 

The little bee's tummy is full, 
tummy is full, tummy is full 
They had yummy honey and 
went back to their hive. 

Johnny tried to climb up high, 
climb up high, climb up high 
But he fell from the tree and 
gave up on his tries 

Dolly came for a try, 
for a try, for a try 
Used her stick to get honey, 
but that didn't work. 

Buddy Bear craves to have, 
the yummy sweet, the yummy sweet 
He then plans to take the hive 
and have a lovely treat 

Honey bees just flew away, 
flew away, flew away. 
They get ready to take it, 
and the bear went up the tree 

Babies cheered for Baby Bear, 
Baby Bear, Baby Bear 
He then took the honey hive, 
But gets in trouble now 

All the bees are angry now, 
angry now, angry now 
He just threw the little hive, 
and runs to save his life. 

Kids are saved from the bees,
they are safe, they are safe 
Johnny took the honey hive, 
and wants to fill the jars 

They got yummy honey and, 
filled the jars, filled the jars 
Kids are really happy now, 
they got a yummy treat 

Baby bear is tired now, 
tired now, tired now 
He is hurt and sad this time, 
He can't walk just right 

Babies met the gloomy bear, 
gloomy bear, gloomy bear 
They praised him for the little help, 
and gave him yummy treats

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