Humpty stole party boxes.

Baby Zay and his animal friends planned a get-together party at the park. Everybody filled their party boxes and left their homes. But a twist comes on the way; the mischievous Humpty steals everybody's lunch box and eats everything they have. Humpty got a big punishment at the end. 

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Baby: Today is our meetup party 

: Come on, let's all share the food 

Humpty: Huh...I am so hungry 

: Let me get that food... 

Humpty: is full of treats 

Baby: Hey, cutie little butterfly 

: we have a party today 

Monkey: Ouch! 

Humpty: Um...hihihi...this is also for me now 

Squirrel: Our boxes are there 

Rat: (panting) Hey, guys... 

: That naughty Humpty took away my food 

Baby: Oh, I think he ate all our food..humm 

Baby: Hey Humpty, don't steal others' food 

: Ask your friends and share 

Baby: come on guys, let's go for the party 


Two little friends went out one day, 
For a meetup with their friends 
They just love to feed them all, 
With some yummy yummy treats 

They saw a little butterfly, 
And ran behind to play with her 
Humpty took away the boxes, 
To have that yummy food 

Monkey filled his party box, 
And got ready to leave today 
The little squirrel got along, 
To have fun on this day 

Everybody came together now, 
To enjoy the lovely party day 
All the friends wanted to share the food, 
and taste those yummy treats 

Oh! We have no snacks for today 
Someone has taken them away from us 
Four little friends just lost their food,
Look, someone's there, coming so fast 

All the friends came together now, 
And attacked him for tricking others
Humpty was ashamed of all his acts,
And felt so sorry for the deed

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