Humpty Explores Park rides.

Humpty Dumpty plays with Johny and Dolly in the children's park. They bring Humpty to play together, but the mischievous Humpty carelessly jumps on all the rides and gets boo-boo everywhere. He didn't give up; he stood again and enjoyed the day funnily. 

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Johny: Wow..look..this Humpty is so cute

Dolly: Oh! I really wish to play with him at the park 

Johny: yeah! I too wanna play 

Humpty: many rides

: I just wanna rock this day! Woo-hooo! 

Kids: Hey safe

Johny: I got scared 

Humpty: Huh! Wow..that's a new ride. 

: I want to reach the top of it 

Johny: Humpty, are you okay?
Humpy: Ahhh ... Don't be so silly, I am super good 

Dolly: Hey buddy, we are also coming 

: Let's have fun together 

Johny: Huh! Hey, humpty... 

: Are you alright? 

Humpty: Yes buddy, I am perfectly fine 

Johny: Huh! It's all broken .umm ...
Dolly: it'okay, let's fix him now and keep him safe here 

Humpty Dumpty went to the park. 
Humpty Dumpty went to the park. 
All of them marched together this time. 
and was so happy to play on this day.

Humpty Dumpty got on the ride. 
Humpty Dumpty sat on the ride. 
He started to slide down the ride. 
He rolled down the slide at the park. 

Humpty Dumpty climbed up a wall.
Humpty Dumpty reached its top 
Took out his binocs to have a great look. 
He was so happy and bright all day. 

Humpty Dumpty saw a new ride 
Humpty Dumpty bounced on the ride. 
He was so happy and smiled all day. 
and called his friends to play together

Humpty Dumpty sat on the ride. 
Humpty Dumpty Played with his friends. 
He lost his balance and had a great fall. 
but he didn't care about any of the falls. 

Humpty Dumpty on a ladder 
Humpty Dumpty waved at his friends. 
But felt like he was shaking on top. 
He lost his balance and had a great fall.

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