Little Ant Rescue mission

Johny came forward to help the little ant who swiped away with the water near the kids' playground. He was enjoying the cookies with his family, unaware of the upcoming threat. The kids are here to save him from the big trouble. Check out for the fun. 

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Ants are crossing down the bridge with some food
The baby ant is behind the group, having yummy bites.

He didn't see the water flowing close to him. 
The little ant floats away along with the wave. 

Ants are scared watching him struggling over there. 
Wave their hands to make someone help at this time. 

Johny thinks of better plans to save the little ant.
He takes some wooden sticks and leaves to make a move.

He didn't give up now and decided to move ahead. 
Now he throws the leaf, which the wind has taken off. 

The little ant has passed almost half the way now. 
He looks so tired, but he swims to save his life. 

He couldn't leave him there and made a plan for him 
He takes away the leafy boat to save the little ant. 

The baby ant is trying hard to get into the boat. 
He climbs onto the boat after all his tries. 

Another trouble comes his way, making him scared. 
He is worried and doesn't know what to do this time.

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