Johny visits the tooth fairy's home

Welcome to the wonderland full of sparkling creatures and mesmerizing sights! Johny will take you to the magical world of fairies. The tooth fairy took away his milk tooth to turn it into a dazzling gift. He follows the fairy to her home! Check out what he visited. 

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Baby: Did he get the gifts? 

Dolly: Huh! I don't know 

Johnny: Huh... Dolly, Baby... 

Baby: look,look... he woke up..he woke up 

Dolly : Johnny, did you get gifts from the tooth fairy? 

Johnny: Huh! .. this wall... umm... 

: Yes..look...I got a golden coin, 

: Tooth fairy gifted me this 


Here comes the tooth fairy to his home, 
When Johnny falls asleep tonight. 
She takes his tooth and flies away
To turn his tooth into a new little gift 

She flaps her wings and flies up high, 
He wants to see where the fairy goes 
And when he reaches up on the land, 
He wonders while watching magical things

Now he finds a new little friend, 
He leads him with flaring light so far 
They reach a fairy land up high, 
And see a lovely world so near 

He finds the home of all fairies, 
And watches her flying over the lake 
He sees the fairy with her friends, 
And they fly high and far from there 

They're going to a golden well 
let'see what they're going to do 
It's a place where she puts the tooth, 
And turns it into a sparkling gift

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