Running race challenge

Johny and Dolly decided to trick the naughty bunny who annoyed all the animals in the park. He mistreated other animals by teasing them and taking away all their food. The kids called him for the running race challenge and taught him a good lesson. 

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Rat: Hey, stop there... 

 : Argh... he's too fast! 

Bunny: Hahaha... they are so silly 

Johny: Oh you think you are the best racer here?! 

 Dolly: Are you ready for a race with us? 

 Dolly: Then, run around the park three times. 

Johny: see if you can win 

Bunny: Hihihi... Funny race! 

Johny: Huh! It was a flop 

Lady bunny: Hello handsome.. 

Bunny: Aw my darling... 

 : Oh race! 

Bunny: Umm...yummy carrots
 : I feel so hungry 

Bunny:'s too race is gone! 


The Monkey's peeling a banana
Banana, Banana 
The Bunny took it away from him 
He ran very fast 

The Bunny feels so silly then 
laugh aloud, laugh aloud 
The kids decided to make a trap 
to fool the Bunny

Everybody put on their racing dress 
doing warm-ups now, warm-ups now 
All the other animals cheered them aloud 
and the race has begun 

Johny got an idea 
Idea, Idea 
He made a little trap for him 
And hid somewhere 

She brings a lady bunny here, 
Bunny here, Bunny here 
she told a friend is waiting there 
and wants to meet her 

Both of their plans didn't work 
didn't work, didn't work 
Then they made a carrot trap 
And waited for him to come 

The naughty Bunny went to sleep 
went to sleep went to sleep 
They reached the endpoint 
and, won the race today 

When the Bunny reached there 
Everyone had won the race 
All the animals made fun of him 
and he is really sad now

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