Little bunny, wake up!

Dolly told the story of the sleeping bunnies and the good fairy who lives in the forest to Baby Zay. The good fairy takes care of all the sleeping bunnies and makes their day bright and beautiful. Let's sing along with the lovely 'Sleeping Bunnies' song. 

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Little bunny, wake up
It's time to hop, hop, hop 
Wake up from your dreams 
It's too late to play 

 Here comes the cute fairy, and she said, 

Little bunny, listen up 
who wakes up the bunnies 
See who takes care of 
all the little bunnies." 

 "I will tell you the story of a fairy who was in charge of the bunnies' home"

Little bunny, wake up 
Morning light has come up 
The fairy comes to wake up 
all the sleeping bunnies 

"And the good fairy knows how to wake up the little bunnies" 

Little bunny, wake up 
I have something for you 
I'll give you berries 
if you wake up soon” 

"You have to wake up soon to get these sweet berries from me" 

Fairy: Come 

All the little bunnies 
woke up to the sunlight 
They started a good day, 
hopping in the woods 

 Here comes the good fairy, and she said,  "

Little bunnies, look here 
I have a treat for you 
If you want to eat this, 
do as I say" 

"I am going to throw this carrot now, and you need to find it" 

Little bunnies searched for, 
the carrot in the forest, 
but a naughty thief 
took away their carrots 

"My little bunnies, you don't need to worry I have a really big treat for you today" 

 Fairy: Hey, little bunnies, what about going for another round? 

 Dolly: And this is how the fairy wakes up all the little bunnies.

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