Humpty's day with Baby Zay

Baby Zay found an egg falling from the tree, and he ran to save the egg. But surprisingly, the egg turns into the playful humpty dumpty. Baby Zay had a wonderful day with him, and they sang along, played together, and cracked jokes to make each other happy. 

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Baby: Oh..NO! Don't falllll....! 

 Baby: Huh! What's that? 

 : Oh no! Wait, wait 

 Baby: round like an egg... but...with bigger eyes, huh!! 

 Humpty: Hey buddy, I am humpty dumpty 

 : I wanna play with you! 

 Baby: He's saved 

 Humpty: Wow..I am gonna rock on this ride, come on 

 Baby: Hey Humpty, slow down 

 : You might fall 

 Baby: Hey buddy, have this yummy lollipop 

 Humpty: Umm..this is so good 

 Dolly:Ha? Baby, what are you doing here? 

 Johny: Mommy is calling you 

 Baby: Hey look..this is my new friend 

 Dolly: Aw wow...this little birdie looks very cute 

 Baby: Huh!? Not this one..! um..where is he? 


Baby's watching all the scenes on a sunny day 
And spots a little squirrel hopping on a tree 

He runs to save the egg, falling from the tree
but couldn't catch it and the egg bounce down the road 

The little egg curls up to a bush in the park 
Reveals a Humpty Dumpty with a funny face 

Both swing together and have lots of fun 
But Humpty flies away, straight from the swing 

Humpty sits up on the bouncer after all this fun 
They both jump and bounce and toss a hi-five 

Humpty couldn't miss a lovely skate on this day 
He is funny and so happy, making baby smile 

Humpty looks so funny when rolling with his head 
Baby likes his buddy who is lovely and so cool 

Together they have yummy candies at the park 
The kids have come and found the baby at the park

The little egg began to hatch with a crackling sound 
They saw a baby birdie looks so sweet and cute

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