Soccer Game Challenge

Humpty Dumpty was excited watching the little kids play soccer at the park. He requested to join their team. Everybody got ready for the next round, and Humpty challenged himself to score points for the team. Watch and enjoy their funny play. 

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Humpty Dumpty reaches the park 
He sees the babies playing a game 
Kids are so happy when playing with balls 
Humpty just wants to play with his friends 

Humpty kicks the ball up so high 
The ball has gone so high in the sky 
It goes up so far away from the kids 
And it hits a monkey who sits at the park 

The monkey looks around in the park, 
Takes his fruit, and goes back again
Humpty brings the ball back to them, 
Leave the place before the monkey comes 

Humpty sees the ball in a court 
He makes a plan to kick the ball up 
He wants to make a really smart move 
He comes so happy to play on this day 

Humpty Dumpty falls to the ground 
He gets a tiny boo-boo on his head 
But he is not ready to give up this time,
And starts his game over for today 

Humpty kicks ball to the court 
He is happy and feels so good
Everyone cheers up Humpty again 
They have a lot of fun in this game

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