Stranger Dangers Song

Kids went to the park on a holiday to explore new rides and have a fun day with their friends. However, they went without informing their parents and found themselves in big trouble. A stranger caught them and planned to take the kids to his place. Check out what happened to the kids in this story. 

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Stranger: Hello little kid, 

 : I got yummy lollipops. 

 : Do you want this? 

 Baby: yummy 

 Stranger: Hello darling 

 : This is for you 

 Dolly: Huh!..colorful balloons 

 Stranger: Here's your Ice cream

 : I know whom you're looking for 

 : Come..I'll get you to them 

 Mommy: Oh no!! my babies are in danger 

 Daddy: Don't worry, wait
 : I know what to do 

 Kids: Haha..look, he ran away 

 : So funny 

 Mommy: My little ones, 

 : Listen, strangers will cause you harm 

 : You have to be very careful and 

 : Always go outside with your parents 

 Kids: Yes, Mommy 


Three little kids went out one day 
enjoyed the lovely rides all the way 
Swing and jump and bounce all-day 
then they didn't care at all 

Baby drove the car like vroom vroom vroom 
But felt like someone is there behind 
He watched out all the way around 
and saw a stranger with a lollipop 

Dolly climbed over the rides out there 
She loved to play on the slides this way 
He waved all the balloons to make her fall 
and made little traps for them 

Johny was alone at the park at last 
He had a lot of fun that day 
Someone was behind a tree out there 
with a yummy yummy ice cream cone 

“Little kids, little kids, you've no choice
I'm gonna take you away from here” 
The three little kids cried loud and loud 
They tried to move and get away 

Mommy was so sad and scared this time
They couldn't find babies at the park 
They felt so bad and down on the way 
but heard a little cry from long 

The stranger got scared when the police came 
He Left them tied under the tree 
They saved their kids so fast fast fast 
Everyone was so happy and glad

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