New climbing ride!!

Kids came with their Mommy to the park to spend leisure time with fun and laughing. They found a new climbing ride at the park and eagerly started climbing without any safety. But Mommy is there to guide them! Check out and see what the babies did. 

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Baby: Wow!!!

 : Look! It's a new ride 

 Johny & Dolly: Baby, Wait! Let's do it together 

 Kids: Yeah! We are ready 

Mommy: Hahaha..Great! Now, you can go 

Mommy: It's okay Baby, 

 : Get up and try once more 

Johny: oh no 

 : look, Baby fell down 

 : Come, let's go help him climb 

: You got it, Baby?

Dolly: Come, Let's go now 

Baby: Yes! I will do it this time

 Baby: Oh no! Too much height 

 : I am so scared 

Mommy: Don't worry Baby 

 : Relax and Just go up

Kids: Yeah!! We did it!! 

 : It was a lot of fun 


Baby's here, baby's here, at the new ride
He came so fast to climb on it 
But Mommy said loudly, "Stop climbing" 
They ran to the ride so fast 

Don't worry, it's a new climbing ride 
You have to follow some safety rules 
Wear your helmet, shoes, and belt tightly 
And get ready to climb the wall so far 

They wore every safety thing in a right way 
They climbed the wall so far and better 
But Baby couldn't do it well. 
He lost his grip and fell to the ground. 

Dolly said, "Little one, it's okay 
I will teach you how to climb 
Hold your hands on the stones tightly 
And climb the wall slowly and steadily" 

They climbed the wall so high and well
Learned all about the new climbing ride 
Baby climbed easily and fast 
He felt so proud and happy along the way 

Johnny said, "Baby Zay, don't worry 
Here you will see some lovely sights 
Hold on, climb up, and raise your flag 
End your game with bravery and pride"

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