Johny's milk tooth

Little Johny's milk tooth fell out this morning! The wiggly tooth came out, finally making Johny really happy. His wiggly tooth disturbed Johny, and he waited so long to fall out. Check out to see Johny's excitement on this day!

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 Hey, brother Johny (2)
 Are you okay? (2) 
Yes, yes, I am okay
 But my tooth is very loose 
It wiggles now (2) 

 Hey, dear Johny (2) 
What happened? (2) 
Look, my tooth is moving, 
I think it will fall out It wiggles fast (2) 

 I am waiting (2) 
For my tooth (2) 
It is getting closer 
I think it needs more time 
Please come out (2)

 Let me eat this (2) 
Oh! My loose tooth (2) 
My little tooth came out 
I am really happy 
I will show them(2) 

 Time to clean it (2)
 Keep it clean(2) 
I don't need to worry 
My new tooth will come soon 
It'll takes some time (2) 

 Have you seen her? (2) 
The tooth fairy (2) 
I think she'll come tonight 
she will gift me something 
and take my tooth (2)

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