Hello, insects!!!

Learning about insects is fun. Dolly, Johny, and Baby are searching for insects in the garden. They found beautiful lady bugs, grasshoppers, and more. Elder siblings Johny and Dolly explain about all the creatures to enthusiastic Baby Zay and make him happy. 

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Dolly: Insects are small creatures that live in gardens, forests, and more. 

Baby: Dolly, um... those in our garden? 

 : Isn't it? 

Johnny: Yes, baby. 

 : Do you want to see them? 

 : Come on, let's go.

 Johnny: Hey, guys... 

 : I think I found one. Come here! 

Dolly: Umm...I think we can find more...let's go there
Baby: Hey, Look there! 

Dolly: Baby, there are so many more insects everywhere. 

 : It's so much fun to find and learn about them! 


Hello, insects (2) 
Where are you? (2) 
I will show you all the bugs 
They're in our garden 
Come with me (2) 

Hello, insect (2) 
Who are you? (2) 
This is a little ladybug 
Colorful and beautiful, 
in red and black (2) 

Hello, insect (2) 
Who are you? (2) 
Here you see an ant team, 
marching down the alley, 
small and brave (2) 

Hello, insect (2) 
Who are you? (2) 
This is Mr. Snail here, 
creeping really slowly, 
with a shell and a head (2)

Hello, insect (2) 
Who are you? (2) 
Greeny, greeny grasshopper,
jumping way too high,
chirping so loud (2) 

Hello, insect (2) 
Who are you? (2) 
Welcome, little spidey, 
crawling on his large web, 
with eight fine legs. (2)

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