Itchy Itchy Mosquito

A scary mosquito annoys the Baby at night when he is about to sleep. The monstrous mosquito bites his cheeks, forehead, and hands, making the Baby so itchy. Watching the Baby in trouble, Johny and Dolly tried many ways to kill all the mosquitoes. But the mosquitoes attacked the kids as a team, and they couldn't fight anymore. In the end, Mommy saved the babies from the dangerous mosquitoes. Watch what happens to them! 

Billion Surprise Toys creates surprise stories for kids.

Mommy: Sleep tight, my sweetheart

 Baby: Um... hah... good night, Mommy

 Baby: Huh! You itchy mosquito! 

 : Go away... 

 Baby: Huh! Where is the mosquito? 

 : Is he still there?! 

 Dolly: Baby, haven't you gone to sleep yet? 

 Baby: Aw... a mosquito

 : He bites me so much... uff... I can't sleep 

 Johny: Oh that's it, just wait 

 Baby: It was so scary

 : Huh... more sounds there 

 Dolly : Huh! Did they leave? 

 Mosquito: Haha... I know how to get you out 

 Mosquito: Oh no! My head is spinning 

 : I feel dizzy 

 Baby: Huh! All the mosquitoes are gone

 Johny : Mommy, you saved us

 Mommy: It's okay, dears, You are safe now

 : No more mosquitoes... now go and sleep well


I am a scary mosquito 
I will suck your blood tonight
I will take your sleep tonight 
Watch me, I am the Monster 

Get ready 
attack now 
Bite him 
suck blood 

Bite your cheeks right now 
pump my food from here
Hurt you with my sting 
Look, I am the Monster 

I am so dangerous, 
Buzzing with my wings, 
Scaring you just like this, 
Waking you up tonight. 

I'll catch you, 
Stay there, 
Squeeze you, 
Get outtt.... 

He is very itchy, itchy, 
Feeling scratchy, scratchy, 
Hurting his cheeks so much, 
Done with the monster bites. 

Get ready, let's start now, 
Kick him out of the home, 
Start our mission over, 
Attack him with no time. 

Come on,
Let's team up, 
Attack them, 
Right now 

Let us scare, scare, scare, 
You got no choice, 
Time to suck your blood, 
We'll trap you here 

Mommy, help us now, 
Lots of mosquitoes, 
Hurting us more and more, 
We can't sleep tonight

Mask on, 
Attack them, 
Spray now, 
Go away 

Smoke fills everywhere, 
I can't breathe this time, 
My head is spinning high, 
Oh! I can't see anything

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