Let's Try the Volcano Experiment

Johny, the excellent scientist, is busy experimenting with a volcanic eruption. He makes a mini volcanic island with dinosaurs living there. Baby came curiously, picked up each dinosaur toy, and asked Johny about the mysterious island. Watch and enjoy the journey! 

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Baby: Johny, dinosaurs live on volcano islands?? 

 Johny: Yep, : They do

 : Do you wanna know about them?

 : Come, I'll tell you 

 Baby: Shh..Johny, 

 : There's no roaring sound 

 : I think no dinosaurs are here

 Baby: Oops 

 : Huh! What is this? 

 Johny: Oh! It's a dino footprint 

 : They're here 

 : Wait, someone is coming 

 : Oh no!!! 

 Baby: Agh! He's gone 

 Johny: You know what, that's a tyrannosaurus

 : Call him Rexy 

 Baby: Rexy! ha..he's sooo big... 

 Johny: Haha..You like her?
 : This is Diplodocus 

 : You can call her Dippy 

 Baby: Umm..Anyway, I like you, dippy 

 Johny: See, this is all the dino world

 : They belong here
 : Baby, do you like them? 

 Baby: Yeah! I love them all 

 : They're my friends now 


Kids are making a volcano
Volcano, volcano 
Trying out some new little things 
Making them happy 

This is the jungle dino lives 
dino lives dino lives 
You can see many dinosaurs 
In this Jungle 

Here comes the big Tyrannosaurus 
Tyrannosaurus, Tyrannosaurus 
With a strong body and long tail 
He's huge and heavy 

Here you see the tall Diplodocus 
Diplodocus, Diplodocus 
With a long neck and a little face 
She's kind and lovely 

Pterodactyl is flying up Flying up , 
flying up And 
Here you see Triceratops 
with their big horns

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