Adventure Journey!

How about an adventure to the dino jungle?! Baby Zay and Johny are excited to explore the dino world. This is going to be the real, thrilling, and fearful travel into the woods. Are you ready to explore?! Join them and have more fun.

 Billion Surprise Toys create thrilling stories.


Baby's in the jungle, 
riding on a Dino,
he smiles so bright 
on such a lovely day. 

On the way, Dino finds 
some yummy, yummy fruits 
Dino bends his head down, 
and the baby shakes on top, 
slips onto the ground. 

Oh, now he's feeling mad, 
He wants more rides. 
Gotta get his hat back 
and watch something new 

"What's behind the bush?" 
he thought for a while. 
Then he finds a new friend 
with a hat on his head 
and paint on his face. 

Dressed up so well, 
then adds some paint. 
You're gonna love this 
new jungly look. 

Let's search for a ride 
and get into the woods. 
Here, you see the two friends,
gonna climb onto their backs 
and have some fun. 

It's time for a ride 
to make this day 
filled with more joy 
and full of treats. 

Someone is in the sky, 
flapping his wings loudly. 
Kids are enjoying the day, 
wandering through the woods. 
Let's sing along the way. 

There comes Ms. Dino 
to make them fall. 
Their hearts beat fast, 
and they fell in love. 

Oh, what will we do? 
They looked upon 
dinos in a battle 
to save their love, 
fight with their horns. 

Babies fell down.
They need to go. 
Helped each other
to stand just right.

Under the tree, 
they found an egg. 
A big trouble is there, 
waiting for the kids. 
Now see what's going on. 

Mommy Dino has come
to save her egg. 
She senses someone 
nearby her egg. 

The kids look so tensed,
they want to leave. 
Mommy seems angry, 
she makes them scared. 
The kids ran away. 

They run and run
to save their lives. 
Deep in the woods, 
they find no way. 

  While running so fast, 
he steps on a stone 
and he's flying so far,
Bumps on a tree. 
Hope this has an end. 

Oh! Here comes the next 
big trouble on the way,
but luck saves him right 
from the huge fall. 

They feel so safe,
have a tasty drink. 
It's a big adventure 
they had this day, 
and had so much fun.

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