One little finger song

Baby wants to learn the name of each finger. Dolly and Johny help him learn the finger names quickly with a song. Funny incidents happen in the meantime, and everybody enjoys the wonderful day! 

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Baby: 1,2,3,4,5

: Five here and five here

 : I have ten 

 : Do they have any names? 

 Dolly: Yeah Baby, we know that

 : Let me show you 

 Baby: Wow! So many butterflies... 

 Baby: Um...yummy 

 : Uh-oh, all finished?!

 Kids: oh

.It's gone 

 Dolly: Baby, don't cry don't cry

 : Here you go! 

 Baby: no no no 

 Johny: like it?

 Dolly: Did you learn the names? 


 : the pinkie finger, ring finger, middle finger

 : pointer finger..and finally the thumb finger 

 : I know all the names 

One little finger, one little finger 
One little finger, tap-tap-tap 
Pinkie finger up, pinkie finger down
Raise your pinkie finger up, 
pinkie finger up 

Two little fingers, Two little fingers 
Two little fingers, tap-tap-tap 
Ring finger up, Ring finger down 
Raise your ring finger up, 
ring finger up 

Three little fingers, Three little fingers 
Three little fingers, tap-tap-tap 
Middle finger up, Middle finger down 
Raise your middle finger up, 
middle finger up 

Four little fingers, four little fingers 
Four little fingers, tap-tap-tap 
Pointer finger up, pointer finger down 
Raise your pointer finger up, 
pointer finger up 

Five little fingers, five little fingers 
Five little fingers, tap-tap-tap 
Thumb finger up, Thumb finger down 
Raise your thumb finger up,
thumb finger up

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