Always eat healthy foods

Johny was a picky eater at home. He was not ready to eat healthy foods that others preferred but picked fatty foods like burgers, pizzas, and all. But unfortunately, he got ill, and Mommy made him aware of the harmful effects of junk foods. He then began to follow a healthy diet and became happy.

 Billion Surprise Toys teaches good habits to kids

Kids are playing some games outside 
Laughing, smiling and having fun 
the ball goes high and hit hit hit 
Johny gets so angry and mad 

Johny craves to have more sweets and junks 
He is going to take some sugary sticks 
There you see the popsicles more and more 
Johny eats all the icy pops 

Mother comes up with the healthy milk 
to make them strong and brave all-day 
Others like to drink milk fast, fast, fast
But Johny didn't care at all 

All get ready for a healthy breakfast 
But Johny won't take this healthy dish 
He wants to eat all the junkie foods 
having all the creamy donuts now 

Kids are cycling the way around 
Johny feels so tired when riding on 
Others pedal it so good good good 
He then picks a juice to drink 

Next day he began to feel so ill 
His belly starts getting upset now 
All the germs inside his stomach come up 
start to make him weak and sick all-day 

Mommy, Mommy do something 
My belly is aching more and more 
It's okay, don't worry, it's the junk foods 
that cause and make you sick this way 

Kids are all sitting to have breakfast
For a yummy yummy healthy breakfast 
Johny loves having veggies, milk, and more
He loves to eat healthy foods

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