Dolly's Rainbow Unicorn!

Have you seen a colorful rainbow unicorn?! This is a fairy story where Dolly becomes the fairy girl in a dreamland. Baby imagines going beyond the clouds, finding Dolly's rainbow unicorn with her, and exploring the wonders of the fairy land. 

Billion Surprise Toys brings wonders in visuals.

Dolly: Ha! I am gonna wear my unicorn dress 

 : Huh? Where is it? 

 : Yeah..! got it 

 Dolly: me take a lovely ride 

 Baby: Wow..! look like a fairy girl

 : I too wanna play with you 

 Dolly: Yeah..come on baby

 : Let's play together

 Baby: Hey Dolly...look, there's a rainbow 

 Dolly: Oh..yeah..

 : Our unicorn will be there 

 : come on 

 Dolly: Hey baby, wake up from your dreams

 : look...Mommy is waiting for you 


It's her new rainbow dress 
the lovely unicorn rainbow dress 
She dances like a princess 
in her Unicorn dress 

she drew her sparkly eyes
Make it glow and glow
and got a shiny lipstick 
It looks so pretty in this way 
got a flickering wand and, 
happy in this way 

It's her rainbow unicorn 
the colorful shiny unicorn 
she loves her rainbow unicorn 
and play in this way 

She wants to play with it 
wants to play with it
to swing like a pretty doll 
swing like a pretty doll 
swing like a pretty doll 
on her rainbow toy 

They're riding on a unicorn 
swinging all the way here 
Riding on a rainbow, 
Unicorn this way 

They're flying up above 
to find her unicorn 
up above the bright sky 
up above the bright sky 
Flying high and high, there 
to find her unicorn 

They went across the white clouds
and saw a little rainbow 
Having so much fun there 
in a fairyland 

Beyond this whitey clouds 
Beyond this whitey clouds 
saw her rainbow unicorn 
the glittering puffy unicorn 
Up above the bright sky 
they play in this way 

He wakes up from the sweet dream 
wakes up from the sweet dream 
with a smile on his face 
and see his Mommy there 

Mommy smiles at him 
with a gift for them 
They play along with Mommy 
Cuddling on their unicorn 
Laughing smiling all the way 
they had a lot of fun

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