Bingo's bathtime

Are you ready to play with our naughty Bingo? Dolly and Johny couldn't catch Bingo from the mud and take him for a bath. He creates funny moments by hiding everywhere and making kids happy and cheerful all day.

 Billion Surprise Toys makes sweet stories for you!

Johny: Bingo...where are you?

 : Your food is getting ready 

 Dolly: umm...It's smells so good 

 : Come and have it bingo 

 Johny: Hey Bingo...stop 

 Dolly: Bingoo...Let's go and play after the bath 

 Johny: Come..have some fun 

 Dolly: you go 

 Dolly: Wow.. : You look so clean and bright 

 Kids: Aw..dear're so good.. 

 Kids: Huh! Oh no...again!!!

 : what do we do now? 


He is really dirt in mud 
dirt in mud dirt in mud 
It's time for him to take a bath 
Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho 

He is gonna take a bath 
take a bath take a bath 
she fills the tub and calls her pet 
Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho 

They begin to search for him 
in the yard in the yard 
and found him hiding in the tube
Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho 

Bingo jumps into the tub 
to the tub to the tub 
and they begin to make him bathe 
Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho 

Rub and scrub the shampoo now 
on his head on his head 
This makes him so clean and fresh 
Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho 

Brush his legs and clean it well
clean it well clean it well 
and start to rub his ears just right 
Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho 

It's time to take a water bath 
water bath water bath 
the little puppy's playing there 
Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho 

She took a cloth and dry him now 
dry him now dry him now 
and got a perfect bath for him
Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho 

Bingo got his yummy food 
yummy food yummy food 
he smiles so bright and plays along 
Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho

They start to play the game again 
game again game again 
and have a lot of fun this day 
Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho

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