Baby learns numbers

Let's count numbers easily! Baby Zay will accompany you in this fun learning journey. Numbers along with the visual effects makes your learning simple and clear. It's a great day to start something new! 

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Baby: Yeah! It's fun to learn numbers by counting things around.

 : I am going to find all the numbers 

 Baby: It's one.

 : Yay! I found one. Next is two, 

 : Come, let's go

 Baby: It's two 

 : Wohooo!'s so fun to count

 : Now, I am going to find three 

 Baby: It's three 

 : Heeya! I saw three birdies. Next is four 

 : Come with me 

 Baby: it's four : Hurray! It is so easy 

 : Let's go. It's time for five 

 Baby: Aw..we got 1,2,3,4 and 5 

 : Let's go for six now 

 Baby: It's six : it's so cool to count numbers 

 : Next, we have to find seven 

 Baby: It's seven 

 : Wow! This rainbow is so beautiful

 : We need to find eight now
 Baby: It's eight

 : Yay! Numbers are everywhere 

 : I can't wait to find nine 

 Baby: It's nine 

 : Finally, It's the turn for number ten.... 

 : come...let's have some fun 

 Baby : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and's ten 

 : Yay...I know how to count numbers 

 Do you know how to count numbers easily? 
It's nice to learn the numbers in a lovely, funny way 

 Come, let's start first number one with so much fun 
the single floating tube in the pool is counted as number one 

 Now it's time to count the number two by having fun
 the squirrels there playing give us the count of number two 

 There you go to count the next number, which is three
 Look at those birdies who are flying up there in the sky 

 Here we have to learn the next number, which is four
 The engines you see on the road over there count number four 

 Hop on now, let's learn the next number which is five 
The cookies that spread over here is counted as number five 

 Come it's time to find the next number that is six 
The bowling set with Chiya has counts of number six 

 Wow let's search for the number that is seven
 Look at the rainbow and counts the seven colors in the sky 

 We have to go and find the number that is eight 
Here we see the eight lovely flowers that bloom around the lane 

 Hey there, we come to find the number that is nine
 Look at those nine little bees that come out from the hive 

 Yay we're going to find the final number, that is, ten 
I am going to enjoy my yummy ball candies smiling all the way

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