Say Sorry, Thank you, and Please

Are you the one who uses these words every day? These golden words will help you and make your days more pleasant and bright. So get in and learn it with BST kids and bring positive things into your life. 

 Billion Surprise Toys creates valuable stories

Dolly: Say, thank you, sorry, and please 

 : These are the magic words 

 : You got it bingo?! 

 Dolly: Hey wait..I am also coming 

 Dolly: Bingo.. 

 : I will show this to you, 

 : come with me 

 : Huh! Look there... Dolly: Did you get one?

 : let me show you the next one 

 : Hey that 

 Dolly: Did you see this? 

 : Huh! Where is he gone? 

 : Hey bingo 

 : Let's go outside and I'll show you next 

 Dolly: Ha..finally, 

 : Have you learned the magic words? 

 Dolly: Huh! I think he didn't get it 

 : Do you remember? 

 : We see the three magic words, 

 : Thank you, sorry and please 

 : Don't forget to say this 


Do you know the magic words? 
I will tell you the golden words 
It's fun to learn the lovely words 
Enjoy learning it 

You have the three magic words 
It's thank you, please, and sorry words 
It will show you wonders 
when, said to all your friends 

He is waiting for food to eat 
Mommy serves the food to him 
He enjoys having the yummy dish 
 this makes him happy 

He says the magic word to mom 
You know it's the thank you word 
that will make us all happy 
Learn to say thank you 

Daddy is reading a book this time 
Baby is playing games around 
he hit daddy when running fast 
the book fell on the floor 

He comes to tell the magic word 
says sorry in a pleasing way 
Daddy feels so loving now 
Learn to say sorry

Chiya is playing with the ball 
He loves playing in this way 
Johny comes to play with him 
he pleases chiya now 

Johny says the magic word 
He feels happy hearing this
They start to play together 
Learn to say please now

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