Baby learns directions

Baby with Marshmallow joins Johny to learn all the directions. They set up a racing ground to learn, and Marshmallow becomes the racing superhero. Are you excited for an exciting journey? Get along and head straight with us!

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Baby: we are in

 : Wait a minute. We'll be back soon

 : Johny, look, we are all set 

 Baby: Yay yay we won the race and cup 

:Wohoo! We both did it 

Do you wanna play with me on a sunny day 
Let's play and learn about the ways all we use to go 

Come, we can start the race together with a laugh
It helps to learn the ways we go in a funny way 

Hey, let's start to know which is a right right right 
This is the way you have to take a right from here 

Sometimes you have to take a turn to your left
we have to learn the way to take a left this way 

When you want to move the back side of your way 
Slow a little and move your car back back and back 

Take your car to the front when you take a straight 
Take the straight and move forward in a steady way

Now it's time to drive your car in all these ways 
You can enjoy learning ways when you play like this

We see the four directions in a funny way 
It's right and left in this way, back and straight as well 

Now you know about the turns we have to follow 
Here you go take your prize that you won today

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