Kid's lovely pets

Every parent would treasure the milestones of their kids. So here, Parents decide to capture funny moments and days of their little ones. Then, the kids prepare for a perfect photoshoot day and choose their favorite pet to make the picture sweeter and more lovable. 

Billion Surprise Toys gives you sweet stories.

Our kids are growing very fast
 Feel so good when I see this 
They're looking really cute and sweet 
It's our special moments
 I wish to click some snaps for them 
and saves it to these memories
 Let's take some lovely pictures
 and make this day so beautiful

 It's fun to take some photos 
and I am happy about this 
Oh, my cute little bingo 
he's my lovely pet here 
I want to get him ready now 
and put this cap on his head 
I am gonna make it fun and good 
and click some photos with him 

 I love taking pictures and 
make my day so pleasant 
I have got my kitty 
for a perfect picture 
Let's tie him bells and bows now 
to take some lovely photos
 I wanna take some lovely pose 
it's time to click our photos 
I love clicking pictures 
and have a lot of fun play 
I want to search for my pet here
 I found my Marshmallow 
He's always lazy and sleepy 
I wanna get him ready now 
make my today's partner 
it's nice to click our photos 

 All get ready for a fun day 
but I don't have a pet for me
 I always play with my toys 
and they can't join with me 
the birdie comes and sits at his side 
the Squirrie bumped his head in it 
They make his picture perfect 
and makes him really happy

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