Hush little Baby sleep

Mommy sings a bedtime lullaby for the Baby to sleep. But he won't allow Mommy to stop telling beautiful stories. While telling the story, Baby imagines flying in the sky, meeting new friends there, and sleeping in the arms of the moon. Enjoy the sweet bedtime lullaby. 

Billion Surprise Toys have fun stories

My little baby, come to sleep 
Momma's gonna tell you a story to sleep 
and I will read you a magic book 
take you to many friends in the sky 

 and if you reach the sky just now 
You're gonna see a sleeping sun
 and when our sun goes to the sleep 
the twinkling stars will come up now 

 The clouds in the sky are watching you 
They're gonna make you some lovely shapes 
 My little baby, lying on the bed
 Momma's gonna tell you a big story 
Let's enjoy these wonders in the sky 
you will love them with your heart 

 and if you starve when play so long 
the stars gonna give you the candy sticks 
and If you want more colors on it 
they're gonna sprinkle the colors you love 

 and you can jump on the whitey clouds 
make them all your bouncer toy 
 When you run a little far from the stars 
You're gonna reach the milky moon over there 

and If you meet that friend in the sky 
you will know it's your bedtime friend 
 My baby's gonna sleep with all his friends 
and it's in the arms of the big bright moon 
and it's in the arms of the big bright moon 
and it's in the arms of the big bright moon

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