The Boat song

The family is enjoying a wonderful holiday at the beach. First, they explore the sights travelling in a boat. On the way, they see many boats in the ocean, and Mommy tells them about all the boats, and everybody enjoys the ride happily. 

Billion Surprise Toys creates lovely stories.

Johny: Hey baby....come 

 : I found something cool 

 Johny: Huh! Where is it gone? hm... 

 Dolly: Hey guys look... : It's swimming over there 

 Baby: Huh..not for me?! 

 Johny: Mommy...I saw a big boat over there 

 : which boat is it? 

 Mommy: got it? 

 Johny: Yeah... Dolly: Hm..let me find one now 

 : Mommy..there is another boat

 : Look.... 

 Mommy: Did you get it now? 

 Johny & Dolly: Yes yes 

 Baby: Huh...I couldn't find anything 

 : Ha..!

 : Mommy....I also found : a big...big...boat...over there 

 Baby: Really Mommy?! 

 : let me show this to daddy 

 Mommy: Hey baby..go slow 

The big boat sails on the ocean over here
ocean over here ocean over
here We watch this lovely water on the sides 
and have a lot of fun this time

Dolphins dance in the ocean over here 
ocean over here ocean over here 
The dolphins are swimming in an alley over here
and have a good day with us now 

There you saw the very big fireboats 
big fireboats big fireboats 
It sheds fire on the boats over here 
and save them all from fire 

You are watching a huge tugboat 
huge tug boat huge tugboat
It pulls out all the vessels over here 
and lifts them to those harbors 

There goes the boat to catch the fish
catch the fish catch the fish 
It brings a lot of fish to the shore
and goes back to the sea

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