Career song

What do you want to be when you grow up? Have you ever asked this question yourself? Dolly asks Baby about his dream career, and he begins to search for the best. Many funny incidents happen during the song, and finally, he finds the best job. 

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Dolly: Hey baby, when you grow up, what do you want to be? 

 Baby: Hmm...let me think 

 : Yeah! I got it 

 : Huh! Where is it? 

 : I kept that here

 : Yeah! Look, I Found it

 Baby: I want to become an astronaut 

 : I will fly to space..woohoo 

 Baby: Oh no...!! I think they dont like me 

 : I am going back home

 Baby: Huh! I don't think I can be an astronaut

 : Hmm..let me find another one 

 : Dolly...look...May be I can become a chef 

 Baby: Uh-oh! this went wrong 

 : let me escape from here 

 Baby: Umm...not this one 

 : I got scared 

 : Ha...I know what's best for me 

 : Look...I think it'll work 

 : can also join with me 

 Mommy: Hahaha..hey my little ones 

 : You need to be strong and healthy to become what you want

. : So..have your milk first. 


I am playing with my toy 
It's a lovely airplane toy 
I found a tent and walks to there 
Saw that dolly reading a book

I am going to the space 
and places my flag on there
I feel so happy and jump with joy
but I saw some new little ones

I now cooks yummy food for all 
and starts to taste it well
I begin to cook and watch all things 
but I couldn't finish my dish 

I found a lovely mike for me
and starts to sing songs aloud
I start to make some moves to beat 
and enjoys with a lot of smiles

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